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Time for Doug Williams to Get His Shot

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Williams boasts an impressive resume as a player, coach and executive. He was named MVP of Super Bowl XXII, has a Super Bowl ring, was named as one of the 80 greatest Redskins, and is a member of the Redskins Ring of Fame, the Buccaneers Ring of Honor, and the College Football Hall of Fame. He has been a head coach at Morehouse College(1997), and Grambling State University(1998-2003, 2011-2013). As an executive, he's been a General Manager of the Virginia Destroyers, a coordinator of pro scouting and personnel executive for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and a personnel executive for the Washington Redskins, a position he currently holds.

So, could Doug Williams become the next general manager of the Washington Redskins, replacing the recently departed Scot McCloughan?

Of course he could, and that promotion would make a lot of sense for the Redskins. But, I have another idea that might fit him, and the Redskins passionate fanbase even better - Team President!

Currently, Bruce Allen holds the title of Redskins team president, but his failures in that position, most recently surrounding the handling of the McCloughan situation and the "Kurt" Cousins fiasco, have drawn the ire of the fanbase and national media. So much negative attention is surrounding the Redskins, that Dan Snyder may be forced to step up and pacify the mobs by removing Bruce Allen from his glorified position as figurehead of the franchise.

In steps Williams...

A bright football mind in his own right, Williams has endeared himself to the organization through hard work, perseverance, and real-life experience. He understands how franchises are supposed to be run from the ground up, and can relate to players, coaches and scouts. He also offers a beloved and visible presence within the community and among current NFL front office personnel.

This would be a monumental move for owner Daniel Snyder, as Bruce Allen is seen by most as a close friend of the owners, but when hard times have fallen on a once proud organization, change needs to happen, and this would be the kind of change that would cause others around the league to stand up and take notice. It could also help Snyder to endear himself to a fan base that sees him as detached, aloof, and distrait.

Cousin's camp has recently leaked some information that they are unwilling to sign a long-term deal as long as Bruce Allen remains in control. If Snyder is a "win at all costs" owner, like he claims to be, the winning move here would be to remove Allen from his position of power, and promote from within. With Williams, you get a genuine person, with great football knowledge, who can hire competent lieutenants to work underneath him for the betterment of the franchise. He can go out and find a general manager to run football operations(Mike Mayock and Mark Dominik have been linked to the team), or promote from within - guys like Scott Campbell and Alex Santos are two names worth mentioning.

For as great a GM I think Doug Williams could be for this team, I envision a greater position; the role of Team President. Step up to the plate Mr.Snyder, and do what is right for this great franchise. Remove Bruce Allen from his position, and put in a man who is revered by Redskins Nation - Doug Williams!

Make the Redskins great again...