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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario after day 1 of Free Agency

A look at a possible Redskins Mock Draft Scenario

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With day one of free agency in the books, I wanted to take a look at a new Mock Draft Scenario using On the Clock Regular. For me I don’t think any of the signings the Redskins made on the first day of free agency will have a big impact on their draft plans. Neither defensive lineman they signed is going fix that position as they both appear to be rotational pieces. D.J. Swearinger is a solid safety signing, but he’s not a natural free safety so some help on the back end is still needed.

Not signing either of their free agent wide receivers and as of yet not signing any replacements, does put more of an emphasis on the need for offensive weapons in the draft. That can still change, but as of right now with Cousins still on the roster the Redskins need to add some help to the offense. Also with Cousins future uncertain, this could be the Redskins best chance to contend until they can find a new QB. With the situation up in the air though I didn’t make drafting a QB a priority.

Follow along with the mock draft here!


-While I think you can justify adding an ultra talented back like McCaffrey in a number of scenarios I think he makes sense in the current situation. McCaffrey is a dual threat back, so he can help replace some of the passing game value the Redskins are losing with Jackson and Garcon. In addition he offers them a real weapon in the running game as they look to be more balanced this year. Having a more complete running game can help the Redskins close out close games and do an even better job of controlling the clock. Finally, if Cousins were to leave after the season, the Redskins would at least have a franchise caliber back to build around.


-Good solid interior linebacker prospect, who can improve both in the run and passing defense at the position. McMillan has three down ability, and should excel as a run defender early on. He still needs some coverage development, but he should still be a solid upgrade over what the Redskins had a year ago.


-Quality safety prospect capable of helping out at either FS or SS position. He could be the 3rd safety in sub-packages with Swearinger and Cravens and allow the Redskins to match-up in a number of different situations. Maye has good range and generally is quick in breaking on the ball, but he’s still got some inconsistencies in coverage. As a 3rd rounder though he offers solid value, and another versatile chess piece on defense.


-Versatile defensive lineman who can contribute at any position along the Redskins 3 man front or in nickel. He is quick off the snap and plays with good power allowing him to do a decent job at generating pressure. He doesn’t play with the best leverage which can hurt him as a run defender on a consistent basis, but he should at least be a solid rotational piece if not an eventual starter. Watkins might not be the big answer everyone is looking for, but I’m not sure if the Redskins can find that in this draft.


-Pocic is one of my favorite 3rd-4th round interior linemen, who can contribute at any position along the offensive line. His best positions are center and guard, and he could even look to push for a starting role as a rookie. Pocic’s center back-ground is also appealing to the Redskins in case Spencer Long isn’t re-signed after next season.


-I’m personally a lot higher on Reynolds and would happily consider him in the late 3rd-4th round, but if he’s there in the 5th it’s a no-brainer for me. He’s a size/speed deep threat receiver who can help contribute as a rookie and help replace the loss of D-Jax and Garcon. As I mentioned in my last draft Reynolds is very similar to Josh Doctson in his skill set, and he could give the Redskins an intriguing pair of outside receivers in three wide receiver sets.


-The Redskins could have considered a back-up EDGE rusher even before Trent Murphy’s suspension, but now it makes even more sense. Price is an undersized player, which could keep him from ever being a starter, but he’s got excellent burst off the edge and has been extremely productive the last two seasons.


-Prior to the Combine I wasn’t really high on Tu’ikolovatu as he was extremely disappointing at the Senior Bowl. There he looked overweight and slow with bad footwork. At the Combine though he dropped some weight and looked quicker in drills. He’s still likely never to be a starter, but he could be a nice rotational piece along the defensive line.


-Kittle wasn’t on my radar prior to the Combine, but after showing excellent athleticism I’m now getting really intrigued. I still need to watch more of his games, but he’s an excellent run blocker and he can line-up in any position either out wide, in the slot, in line or as a FB/H-Back from the backfield. He’s not a great pass catcher or route runner, but the speed and quickness are there so with some development he could be okay in this area. For a 7th round pick he offers interesting value and upside.


-Golladay is a high upside size/speed receiver, who is worth a late round flyer. He’s got big play ability and has an impressive catch radius based off his 6’4” frame and 35” vertical jump. Golladay had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in the MAC, and is a guy who could contribute from the bottom of the depth chart in a situational role.


This is a solid draft based on what the Redskins have done so far. I know some won’t like McCaffrey in round 1, but the value is right and he has the chance to make a major impact as a rookie. Though he’s a different type of back, his impact could be somewhat similar to Elliott’s a year ago. He also offers the Redskins some hope to build their offense around if Cousins truly is gone after next season.

Beyond McCaffrey, Pocic and Reynolds should both be able to contribute early and push for serious roles. A red zone offense of Doctson, Reynolds, Reed and Davis would be fun to watch as they would have plenty of size and jumping ability. Pocic really could push for the starting LG role, and at worst is a good back-up as a rookie.

Defensively McMillian could be a full time starter as a rookie and should offer a nice upgrade. Maye and Watkins can push for situational roles as rookies as well. The Redskins can utilize the versatility of all three of their safeties to create various match-up nightmares for opposing offenses. This is the type of match-up ability the Redskins have lacked in recent years. As for Watkins his pass rush skills can help replace those lost from Chris Baker. Finally both Price and Tu’ikolovatu, both offer solid depth at their positions.

What do you think? Would you be happy with this mock based on the Redskins 1st day of free agency?