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I Wrote to the Redskins

Enough is enough with this team.

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I sent another letter to the Redskins. I take it that with all the calls, emails and protests this team has been dealing with, that they don’t have time to send back their “THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! #HTTR!” form letter.

But here it is. I had to vent.

Dear Redskins,

You really couldn't help yourselves could you? It was too good to be true. After 2014 it appeared that you actually looked in the mirror and realized that it takes more than sycophants and 'Yes' men to build a team.

You hired Scot McCloughan, a talented, yet flawed scout and GM. But to us, the loyal Redskins fans, you may as well have shot us back in time to the days of Beathard. We had an honest-to-goodness football General Manager. And what do you know...the team has back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since I was in middle school (I turn 34 next weekend).

But no, that was too much for you slimy bastards. God forbid anyone get the credit OTHER than Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder. Can't have that!

And did Bruce Allen seriously override Scot's authority on personnel matters? And did he do it to keep KORY '10 FEET IN THE BACKFIELD' LICHTENSTEIGER AND RYAN 'WHAT GHOST JUST TRIPPED ME' GRANT?

I don't care if Scot McCloughan was drinking. I don't care if he drank a pint of Smirnoff before lunch, parked in Snyder's spot and then pissed on Bruce Allen's shoes.

Now it looks like Kirk Cousins might get away, no free agents want to come here and this team will once again trip on its own dick down a flight of steps into the 7th ring of hell.

So I'll answer for my dad, since he simply laughed at your email and hit 'Delete' as soon as he read it...FUCK YOU! We will not be renewing our season tickets, that we held for 50 years. Not as long as Daniel Snyder still owns this team. Not as long as he empowers that Just For Men commercial of a stooge over an actual General Manager.

"What can we do to get you back Mr. Hess?"

The answer is simple, sell the team or I'll pray that I'll outlive ownership...whichever comes first.

Can't wait to see Colt McCoy and the 2017 Redskins limping to 4-12...THAT'LL SELL SOME TICKETS!


Chris Hess