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Redskins officially have 10 picks in the 2017 NFL Draft

Updates on where the Redskins will pick in April.

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins will go into the 2017 NFL Draft with 10 picks, and the NFL has released the official draft order to clarify where they will be picking. The league released their list of 2017 compensatory draft picks on Friday, awarding 32 picks to 16 teams, with a record eleven 3rd round picks being given out. This is the first year that compensatory picks can be traded, which adds more options for the teams who gained up to 4 picks last week. This year's draft will be held April 27-29 in Philadelphia.

The Redskins have 10 picks this year, 6 from their original 7, and 4 that were gained from trades over the last two seasons.

The biggest news in the listing is the final details of the Derek Carrier trade with the San Francisco 49ers. It was originally reported that the TE would cost the Redskins a conditional 5th round pick in 2017, and the conditions were based on playing time and productivity. Carrier tore his ACL in 2015, and was not used much last year. Mike Jones of the Washington Post reported the Redskins would only be sending a 7th round pick, instead of a 5th. This was incorrect, and the Redskins did have to send the 5th originally reported, but also received the 49ers 7th in return.

The other 3 picks were all gained during last year's draft through a trio of trades. The Redskins traded down one spot in the 1st with the Houston Texans and added a 6th round pick this year. Washington then traded their 4th round pick to the New Orleans Saints for 5th round picks last year and this year. Finally, the Redskins traded their original 5th round pick to the New York Jets for their 4th round pick in 2017.

Washington Redskins 2017 Draft Picks:

Round 1, Pick 17, 17th overall

Round 2, Pick 17, 49th overall

Round 3, Pick 17, 81th overall

Round 4, Pick 7, 114th overall, via Jets

Round 4, Pick 17, 124th overall

Round 5, Pick 10, 154th overall, via Saints

Round 6, Pick 17, 201th overall

Round 6, Pick 25, 209th overall, via Texans

Round 7, Pick 2, 220th overall, via 49ers

Round 7, Pick 17, 235th overall