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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Until we know that the Redskins have completely botched this scenario, the chance for everything to work out still exists.

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Monday, February 27, 2017: What If Everything Works Out For the Redskins and Kirk Cousins?

  1. You have to hand it to Kevin Ricca. Sure, he may buy his cutoff jorts in the boys section of the department store (leading to incredibly uncomfortable views for Tim Strachan). Sure, he may have the shortest fuse when it comes to arguing about whether or not Trent Williams should start for the Redskins at tackle or guard (seriously, bring it up when speaking with him). On Hogs Haven and The Audible, however, he serves as that little warning light that flashes over the side mirrors of your car when the lane next to you is occupied. In other words, he is our Chief of Staying In Your Lane (this is secondary of course to his most official capacity as Director of Good Times). In this topsy-turvy world of Redskins fandom, it is an incredibly important job, and so we appreciate all of you out there who work in Kevin’s department.
  2. The reality is that nothing terrible has happened. The reality is that right now, the most probable outcome of the Kirk Cousins/Redskins saga is that Cousins plays in burgundy and gold for the 2017 season. It remains the most probable outcome for one very simple and unavoidable reason: it is the most logical, most sane move to be made that gives the Redskins the best chance to win. Until the Redskins front office chooses a different path, I am going to hang on to that reality as long as possible. Until Kirk demonstrably rejects any sincere overtures to keep him here long term, I am going to keep envisioning him hoisting that Lombardi Trophy in a Redskins jersey.
  3. As for the hand-wringing and stressing out among us (among me) however, I won’t EVER suggest it is misplaced. I am beyond thrilled for the last two years we have all enjoyed. Watching this Redskins team grow up in front of us has been satisfying, and seeing the front office (led by McLovin) avoid the kinds of forced errors previous regimes committed tirelessly is definitely something we are all hoping to get used to seeing. Despite the fun ride it has been for two whole seasons, to suggest we are too far removed from the circus show Dan Snyder brought us in the late 90’s is irresponsible and untrue.
  4. There is another reality that we must all embrace, and that is this very real past we all know too well. In the absence of any and all actual news related to the signing of our franchise quarterback, the fanbase (for the most part) has begun to wearily face up to the worst possible outcomes. This is a simple matter of conditioning. Under Dan Snyder‘s stewardship, an entire generation of Redskins fans has been conditioned to assume the worst is about to happen. It is a sense that Redskins fans come by very honestly. Even the most optimistic among us have learned to fear some version of the worst. I want to be the guy who says, “Our worry is irrational because surely the front office realizes that Kirk Cousins represents the best opportunity for continued franchise development and winning in both the short and long term.” I want to be the guy who says that, but saying that would be completely disregarding reality.
  5. And so here we find ourselves, a day away from the application of a second franchise tag to our quarterback. Make no mistake about it: every inch we gain towards locking in Kirk Cousins for one more season also moves us an inch closer to losing him forever. (Really messes with your heart and mind, doesn’t it?) For all the talk about leverage and timing and market rates, all we (as fans) want to do is keep the burgundy and gold train on the tracks and moving down the line. It would strike me as odd that this goal would not be shared by Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen, so I can only logically assume that it is shared. Aside from a pocket of vocal fans, it seems that you can’t throw a rock without hitting an expert who thinks the Redskins would be fools to end the Kirk Cousins Era in D.C. (please don’t throw rocks). Despite numerous reports stating (not suggesting, but stating) that Kirk Cousins is as good as gone, I just can’t go there yet. I won’t go there yet.
  6. This extreme oversimplification of fact brings me all the way back to my jort-wearing, Trent-loving, good time-directing friend. Even though the results may very well be catastrophic and even though our history suggests this matter could very well already be beyond saving, we must stay in our lane of hoping and believing. Our shared experience over the last two seasons is deserving of a last thrust of optimism and hopefulness. As much as Kirk MAY want to play somewhere else and as much as Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder MAY not want to pay this quarterback what he has coming, those things aren’t real...not just yet. Today, what is real is that we still have a chance to lock up the best quarterback most of us have ever watched play for the Redskins. Until that doesn’t happen, I encourage you all to take a break from the stress and worry. The reality is that things could still go very, very right. To be this close to that possibility after everything we have endured (from a football fan’s standpoint, to put it in some perspective of course) demands that we hold onto that possibility as long as we can.