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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario: 1st Rd Receiver?

A look at a possible Redskins draft scenario if they take a WR in the 1st round.

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With a lot of talk of how the Redskins could lose both free agent wide receivers Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, I wanted to take a look at a scenario where the Redskins addressed their receiver position early. Using On the Clock Premium I decided to do a trade mock with the idea of drafting replacements early. I used my updated big board for this mock. Follow along with the mock here!


-I didn’t intend to draft a receiver in the 1st round, but even after a trade back Ross was on the board and I thought it was too good to pass up. Ross is the closest thing to Desean Jackson in this draft and he could fill his shoes as a rookie. Ross has incredible deep speed, and has excellent footwork which allows him to get open just about anytime a corner is playing off of him. Ross is quick enough to play from the slot, but his deep speed allows him to play outside. With Ross and Doctson on the outside and Crowder in the slot the Redskins passing offense could be deadly, and nearly as effective as it was this year. Ross gives the Redskins a cheap playmaker, and as long as he checks out medically he’d make sense here if the Redskins don’t want to pay up for older receivers.


-McMillian might not have the upside as some of the other ILB options in this class, but I think he is a good solid starter at the next level who can help in run support and be solid in coverage. For a late 2nd round pick, this fills a need and is a solid value. McMillian should push for a starting role as a rookie, and at the very least should be an early down backer given his instincts and tackling ability.


-King had a strong career at corner in college, but he’s likely to make the move to free safety at the next level. He lacks elite speed to run with receivers, but he will do well as a single-high safety where he can use his strong instincts to react to the ball and get to where he’s supposed to be. Despite not being the biggest corner, King was always a strong tackler so he should be fine in run support as well for a free safety. King was a highly productive 4 year starter, who even with the position change should push for a starting role as a rookie. As a mid-3rd round pick that is good value, and definitely the kind of pick Scott McCloughan has made in the past.


-I went back to the well here, and while I am sure not everyone will be thrilled with two receivers, this is how the Redskins can replace their free agents. Smith-Schuster has fallen in some people’s eyes, but he’s still a very intriguing prospect who balances out Ross quite well. While Ross creates easy separation, Smith-Schuster thrives in traffic and is in many ways a bigger, more physical, Pierre Garcon. I think he’s a really intriguing option here in the 3rd round, that has a lot of upside and potential. He offers insurance in case Doctson can’t get healthy and, just gives the Redskins some nice size and a big target for the Red Zone. It might be a bit of a luxury pick, but it gives the Redskins a young, high upside, wide receiver corps that can attack opponents in multiple ways.


-Dawkins is listed as a tackle, but for the Redskins I’m moving him inside to guard. Dawkins was a three year LT starter for Temple, but at the Senior Bowl he worked inside some as a guard, and for the most part looked really good there. While some teams will view him as a tackle (mainly at RT), I think he’s better as a guard and probably makes an earlier impact there. Dawkins has good size, quickness, power and long arms, all the tools necessary to be a starting OL at the next level. Even as a late 3rd rounder he could push for the starting LG role, and he has the upside to lock down that position for years to come.


-Though listed as an EDGE, in the Redskins base defense his 6’7” 280 size fits nicely at a 5 technique role (likely have him add some weight). He can play end or kick inside on nickel downs depending on the situation. He’s a raw prospect who probably won’t be a fulltime player early in his career, but his upside and potential are huge. In the 4th round he would be a nice addition to the defensive line rotation.


-Harvey-Clemons is a big physical strong safety/hybrid linebacker, who excels in run support and the short area. He has ridiculous size and speed, and is a guy with all the physical tools and athletic ability you could possibly want. He has good reactions to running plays and flies in to make the tackle. He’s not strong in coverage, particularly down field and will probably be best used as a nickel LB, who specializes in blitzing. For the Redskins he’d be firmly behind Cravens at SS, but he would be an interesting nickel LB option, giving the Redskins more speed and athleticism on the field. He could also be brought in in some heavy run defense packages as well.


-Shaheen has some buz given his 6’6”, 277 lbs frame and he’s expected to showcase really well athletically at the combine. That has led some to believe he could go in the top 75-100 picks. While it’s possible, the fact that Shaheen did his damage at Ashland college in Division II, leads me to believe he’ll be a day 3 pick. Shaheen does have a lot of promise and upside and he would be a really nice day 3 pick for the Redskins to develop behind Jordan Reed. If Shaheen is the real deal, he could quickly be a steal of the draft and a good 2nd TE to Reed.


-Hood was a bit of a surprise early entry in a stacked running back class, but represents nice late round value. He’s a big physical, between the tackles running back who can pick up tough yards. He might never be an every down back, but he could offer some nice back-up upside for the Redskins and eventually he could be part of a RB platoon.


-Hendrickson has been highly productive off the edge these past two years and followed it up with a strong East/West game showing. He’s probably just a situational rusher at the next level, but he’s a nice value late and has some ability to get after the QB.


-Jones is a short NT, who at times flashes quickness and power that allows him to disrupt plays in the backfield. He’s not a consistent player, and he will likely never be more than a rotational piece, but he’s got some intriguing size and power to work with.


The big concern with this mock is I’m sure the two early receiver selections and the lack of defensive line options. Ideally the Redskins would have re-signed Baker and added another defensive lineman in free agency, for this draft to make sense. If they have I believe this draft could fit their game plan of moving on from Jackson and Garcon.

That may still not be the case, but it’s looking more and more like both receivers could be playing elsewhere next year. I just don’t know if the Redskins want to invest the kind of money they are looking for in a pair of receivers who are 30+. Receivers are one of the highest priced free agent positions, so that is why I could see the Redskins looking to rely on their pass catching core of Crowder, Reed and Davis (assuming they re-sign him), and look to develop Doctson and some rookie receivers to fill around them. That would allow the Redskins the money to invest on defense (hopefully the DL), and help balance the team. While there is some risk here of course, the Redskins would still have three established targets.

While there are some concerns, this draft does add a starting caliber FS, ILB, LG to go along with two starting caliber receivers. In addition guys like Kpassagnon, Sheehen, and Harvey-Clemons all have intriguing developmental upside. What do you think? If the Redskins let their receivers walk, would you be okay investing in the position with this deep class?