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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario: 1st Round RB

A look at a plausible draft scenario for the Redskins.

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I’ve already looked at a couple trade scenario Mock Draft simulations using On the Clock Premium but today I wanted to look at a possible option if the Redskins don’t make any deals using On the Clock regular. For today’s simulation I used the new big board from Inside the Pylon. Follow along with the Mock Here!


-While I know most Redskins fans want a defender at 17, but the reality is there might not be a defender at a position of need. Also there could be an offensive player who the team feels has more impact overall for the team. Fournette would obviously fit that category and while it’s a bit of a longer shot that he’s there, it’s not completely out of question. Few teams in front of the Redskins need a RB as a primary or secondary need, and those that due could either take Cook (as the Panthers did in this scenario) or target another position where they also have a major need.

Fournette might not fix the defense as some hope, but there is no question that a top level back could have a major impact on the Redskins going forward. Not only could Fournette help give more balance to the Redskins offense, but he could help replace some of the impact from receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon if one or both leave via free agency. While Rob Kelley played well for an undrafted rookie, and helped improve the Redskins running game from 2015, he’s probably capped with how much of an impact he can have. A player like Fournette can help reshape an offense and make it far more of a threat. His greatest impact could be in the red zone, where he can pick up tough yards and be enough of a running threat that it could open up more play action opportunities as well.

Taking a RB in the 1st wouldn’t be my top choice, but in a situation like this it is definitely justifiable.


-Brantley was highlighted on Hogs Haven last week and is for me one of my favorite DL options in the 1st and 2nd round for the Redskins. He’s maybe a bit short for a 3-4 DE, but his talent and upside are so impressive that you can easily overlook that. He has a chance to be an impact player on defense, and should help bolster the interior pass rush day 1. He definitely could be on the board at this pick and he’d be a really good target here.


-Williams is a natural free safety with a good size/speed/athleticism combo, who should be able to start day 1 for the Redskins. He’s not the best run supporting safety and shouldn’t play in the box much, but for the Redskins that is perfectly fine. He looks pretty good in coverage and displays really good instincts and change of direction. Given the deep safety class he definitely could still be on the board in round 3, and if that is the case the Redskins should jump all over him with this pick.


-Hansen has a wide range of draft opinions, and he’s gotten overlooked given the fact that he wasn’t highly recruited and started his college career at Idaho State. He only was a starter for 1 year at Cal, and gets knocked for the fact that the Air Raid offense helps produce some gaudy numbers for QBs and WRs. In 10 games Hansen had 92 catches, 1,249 yards and 11 TDs, and at 6’2” 200+ lbs, is the size that teams covet.

Hansen is more than just a product of Cal’s system and should definitely be in consideration for the Redskins in the 3rd and 4th round. He appears to have a nice size/speed combo and he could quickly develop into a quality receiver for the Redskins. This is a position group that could have some major turnover at the top and if that is the case Hansen would be a nice mid-round target.


-Vanderdoes looked like a future first round pick as a Freshman and Sophomore at UCLA, but he tore his ACL his 3rd year and this past season while he came back and played he didn’t look fully 100%. He played in the Senior Bowl and showed plenty of flashes that week so things are trending well for Vanderdoes, but it’s likely that he is more of a 3rd-5th round option given the injury concerns. If he’s healthy he can play either DE or NT in a 3-4, and effective as both a run defender and a pass rusher. He shows elite strength, making him extremely tough to push him out of the hole for the opposing offensive line. While there is some injury concern of course, he is well worth this selection and he and Brantley would offer a lot of upside for the Redskins revamped defensive line.


-Wilson had a great 2016 campaign, and he showcases really good size and speed, that will make teams very intrigued in the Houston product. Unfortunately for him, it’s a deep corner draft so he could slide to day 3, given that he was really only a starter for 1 year and he had an ACL tear in 2015. Because of that he’s not the most NFL ready corner, but for the Redskins that is fine as he can develop as the 4th or 5th corner on the roster. His size/speed/upside make him worth the pick and if Breeland isn’t retained in 2018, Wilson could be in the mix to help replace him.


-Jones has good size and was used in the box a lot at NC State, but he’s got some coverage ability as well. For the Redskins he could be a nice depth safety capable of backing up both positions and maybe even being a sub package player, in addition to being a special teamer. Even with moving Cravens to the safety spot, it’s a very thin position for the Redskins so doubling up makes a lot of sense in the draft.


-I don’t think Davis is a good option in a base 3-4 defense, but he can offer pass rushing help in the nickel, and give the Redskins another situational pass rusher option. This is more of an insurance pick than anything else, and just a cheap way to add depth to a position group that could be very different in 2018 if Trent Murphy is allowed to walk and Galette is injured again or leaves.


Williams dominated his last two years in the SWAC and earned a Senior Bowl invite this year, which showed that he can still find success versus some higher level competition. Williams has good size and leaping ability and just always seems to make plays. His speed and route running are question marks, but he’s a nice late round developmental option.


On the positive side both the defensive line and the secondary needs are fully addressed all while adding an impact player at another position in the first round. Adding Brantley and Vanderdoes along the defensive line should offer a major improvement there, while Williams should be a day one starter at safety. Wilson and Jones offer quality depth in the secondary that has lacked it in recent years. Fournette clearly would give the Redskins a potential franchise back and a guy who could help take the Redskins offense from really good to elite.

The negative side of this mock, and scenario’s like it is that the inside linebacker position will likely remain pretty weak, and there is little offensive impact outside of Fournette. Hansen is a good pick, particularly where he was selected, but he might not offer much as a rookie if the Redskins need to replace both Jackson and Garcon. The lack of offensive line options is troubling as well, but if the Redskins don’t add more picks it’s tough to add the depth needed on both sides of the ball.

What do you guys think, if Fournette falls to the 17th pick would you take him and further bolster the offense?