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Washington Redskins 2017 Draft Profiles: Kendell Beckwith, LB

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2017 NFL prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Lambeau Field College Classic-Louisiana State vs Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Kendell Beckwith, LB
School: Louisiana State | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6-2 / 252 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 3rd Round
NFL Comparison: Zach Brown

College Statistics

Player Overview

Kendell Beckwith stands out at the linebacker position with his size and physicality. What may be most impressive about Beckwith’s game is the sheer power and strength he plays with. He has a great ability to take on and shed blocks and still get to the ball carrier. Beckwith loves contact and will not hesitant to put a lick on the ball carrier or a blocker. He is also an extremely productive and reliable tackler and is a decent athlete for his size often disrupting things in the backfield as well. Beckwith has his share of things that can be corrected though starting with being more consistent in how he takes angles and becoming more fluid when changing direction.

Beckwith’s role in the NFL in either scheme is going to be as a play disruptor who inflicts punishment whenever he can while setting up plays from his teammates if he can’t finish them himself. There is a lot to like with a linebacker that brings the type of production, physicality, and attitude Beckwith brings. I’m also interested in if he will work out all in during the Combine. Beckwith tore his ACL in December.


  • Built to be a linebacker. Imposing size that's a throwback to the old thumpers.
  • Consistent production throughout his career, was on pace to match and in some categories exceed his production as a junior before getting injured.
  • Innate knowledge of position shows. Knows when to force his way through a man to get to the ball or when to remain patient and let the play come to him.
  • Most powerful and violent hands in the entire linebacker class this year.
  • Vision and instincts are very good.


  • Rigidness and lack of great athleticism show up when matched up with a quick opponent in open space.
  • Inconsistent pad level rears its ugly head especially when he waits for a play to come to him. The ball carrier usually gets lower and his power is neutralized.
  • Going to be a liability in coverage if he is asked to cover someone like Darren Sproles or Zeke Elliott. (Don’t do it Manusky).

Let’s see his work:

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

Kendell Beckwith screams throwback prototypical TED or JACK inside linebacker to me. He would bring a level of physicality that the team has not had in quite some time at the position. In theory, the base 3-4 defense requires two different type of linebackers. The TED or JACK is what Beckwith would be and their job is to disrupt, plug gaps and be the first to the ball ideally freeing up teammates around them to make plays. The MIKE is the more athletic of the two and preferably is the one with coverage and sideline to sideline duties. I would love to get a guy like Beckwith on the team but my concern is that the Redskins wouldn't get him a new running mate and would try to plug either Will Compton or Foster into the MIKE role which we know they don’t have the physical tools to play. Getting a thumper and playmaker at the position is something most people want but for a player like Beckwith to truly be able to focus on his strengths, it would require replacement of the whole ILB core.

I’m just an unqualified schmoe talking but I’m not sure if the team recognizes their issues at the position, both of them. LSU had an ideal combination at the position when they had Beckwith and Duke Riley playing together. The feeling could also be that the JACK linebacker is already on the team in Compton, Foster, Spaight, or Daniels and that the only position needing upgrading would be the MIKE role. It’s going to be interesting if and when the team adds to the position and if it's going to be through the draft to see which player they end up selecting. I think it will reveal a lot about how the coaches view the need there but also what kind of defense they plan on being.