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Offseason On the Brink -- Redskins Decisions Looming...Future of Franchise Hangs in Balance

The Audible tries to keep the Valentine’s Day lovefest going with Kevin Ewoldt, who is very afraid of the potential for a return to the dysfunction of our recent past.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

What more could you ask for from a Valentine’s Day podcast? The presence of our good friend Kevin Ewoldt steps up the romance factor considerably, and the “Spirit of Sonny” kept everyone in a very festive mood. There was also a response from our show to a challenge made by one of our biggest and most generous listeners. See if you can pick out which keyword we attempted to work in seamlessly throughout the show. We raised money for a good cause and had a little fun in the process. I look forward to next year’s Valentine’s Day Challenge, and we will continue to ensure that some good comes out of repeating silly words. After all, if you can’t make a positive difference in the world by drinking whiskey and talking about sports in a basement studio, than what the hell is this life even about? Thanks for humoring us, and just to show we appreciate your involvement in this noble endeavor of ours, Kevin Ewoldt has offered up an old-school Champ Bailey jersey to the first person who provides the correct total number of times the word was said. Happy counting!

The bulk of the discussion on the show last night centered around the way in which the Redskins offseason has already reached the feeling of a fever pitch, even though absolutely nothing has really happened. (“It’s a show about nothing,” noted Ewoldt.)

On one hand, how do you reassure fans that are freaking out BEFORE anything actually goes down? Is it fair that no news is causing so much stress and frustration? Our debate tries to push both sides of that, with me arguing that a sliver of positive news is all it will take to turn this place into Happy Town, USA. The flip side of course is less...rosy. Kevin Ewoldt seems to live in constant fear that Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are throwing lit matches at the dumpster. I don’t think he is alone in that sentiment inside our fanbase.

On the lighter side, possible offseason slogans meant to appeal to Kirk Cousins were suggested by our other Kevin on the show, one Mr. Ricca. From “No Tag-backs,” to “We/Me Love You Long Term” rose to the top. More than ever before, the desire to lock up Cousins on a long term deal is burning brightly. We even paved the way for Kirk Cousins to become the main spokesman for H&R Block.

The show went a little long, but we had fun and I hope you’ll hang in there with us for the extended programming this week.