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Redskins Mock draft Scenario

A look at a possible Redskins mock draft scenario

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

While there is plenty of speculation about free agency and what the Redskins do there, the draft is where Scot McCloughan and the Redskins are primarily looking to build up their roster for the long haul.

Using On the Clock and On the Clock Premium I will look at a variety of plausible draft scenarios leading up to the draft, and give my thoughts on these picks and scenarios. Please use these posts to comment on not only these scenarios but also to share your own drafts.

First up I did a OTC Premium mock draft using the current CBS big board. I made one trade back with the Texans in the first round landing an extra 3rd and 6th round pick for my troubles. Follow along with the mock here!


-Reddick is listed as an EDGE, but for the Redskins I envision him as a 3-4 ILB who will be used as an EDGE on some 3rd downs, but can also blitz up the middle as well in the A-gap blitzes that Greg Manusky seems to love. Reddick is more than just a pass rusher though, he showed at the Senior Bowl he can cover TE’s and RBs (not surprising since he started at Temple as a DB), and he can play the run pretty well. Reddick has tremendous upside and he could be a major weapon on defense.


-Another Senior Bowl favorite of mine, Melifonwu is a big 6’4” 219 pound safety who displays incredible range. He’s an interchangeable safety who can play both free and strong safety roles and can be used as a nickel hybrid role as well. He’s excellent in run support and play recognition and also can be a TE/Big receiver match-up nightmare. For the Redskins if Cravens is moved full time to SS, on early downs Melifonwu can be the FS and play more single-high, but in nickel sets the Redskins could utilize either Cravens or Melifonwu as a nickel backer, the other at SS and have another player play more FS to get better overall coverage ability on the field. That could also allow Melifonwu to be closer to the line of scrimmage to be used as a blitzer or to lock down tight ends on crucial 3rd downs.


-Johnson is another Senior Bowl guy (yeah they all are Senior Bowl players outside of Price who probably should have been there), who has a variety of opinions about where he should rank. Some believe he’s a top 50 lock and could sneak into the end of the 1st, while others feel he’s more of a 75-100 ranked prospect, which is kinda where I’m at with him. He’s very technically sound and he flashes burst and power, but is inconsistent in that area. He’s more of a pass rusher than run defender at this point and that may keep him from being an early down guy at least as a rookie (if not longer). Still the size, potential and pass rush ability make him a very usable player as a rookie and a nice 3rd round pick for the Skins.


-Pocic is a center/guard prospect who could go anywhere from mid-2nd round to the start of the 4th. He profiles both as a good starting guard or center prospect who might fit more at guard given his taller size. For the Redskins he’d be a really good guard prospect and his versatility to play center (or even tackle if need be), is a big plus in case Spencer Long were to get injured. Pocic can challenge for a starting role as a rookie, and has a really good chance of being the long term solution at LG.


-Jones blew up at the Senior Bowl showing one of the best combinations of size, speed, route running and natural catching ability. This answered a lot of questions about his production being scheme/weaker competition based. Still there is a wide range of opinions on him (and the whole WR class), which could have him still on the board in the 4th (CBS is lower on him than me so this was a quick decision for me). With the Redskins top 2 receivers set to hit free agency and last year’s 1st rounder coming off a major injury, depth and youth are needed at this position. Even if the Redskins re-sign one of their free agents Jones would make sense here in the 4th round.


-Hunt is another player who helped his stock at the Senior Bowl, but he’s battling versus perhaps the deepest the RB position has been since at least 2008. Hunt will still get dinged due to his competition, a down junior year filled with injuries and a team suspension, and his age/workload. Hunt could get drafted higher but there is a fair shot he is more of a 3rd-4th rd guy. He’s got starting potential and he could challenge Robert Kelley for the lead back role in camp. At worst he would be a good number two back and a guy who can develop into more going forward.


-Reynolds is nearly 6’3” and displays both long speed and is one of the best receivers in this draft at high pointing jump balls. He along with Jones, and Doctson would add a lot of size and physicality to the Redskins receiver corps. Reynolds knock which could keep him on the board into the 5th is his smaller hand size which came in under 9”, something that more than a few teams will knock him down their board for. While it hasn’t been a factor in college, it can be an issue for some teams. At this point in the draft though the upside is well worth it for Reynolds as the Redskins look to re-shape their WR corps.


-Johnson has good size, speed and athleticism as well as some natural cover ability. He’s a more natural FS prospect, who just isn’t getting the hype/support of some of the bigger names. Because of that he figures to be a day 3 guy, and a potential steal for the Redskins (or whomever gets him). He really looked good at the Senior Bowl, and he could be the FS option even as a rookie for the Redskins in the nickel scenario I laid out earlier in Melifonwu’s write up. Johnson isn’t the best tackler and there are still some refinement issues, but he can cover and he offers excellent upside here.


-Price actually wasn’t a Senior Bowl player, but he did get an E/W invite. He’s a natural EDGE player with excellent burst and decent bend, as well as a variety of pass rush moves. He was highly disruptive as both a pass rusher and vs the run the past two season, basically living in opponents backfields at times. What keeps him from being a top 150 player for most people are three things: 1. he’s shorter than you typically want an EDGE player, which makes it tough for him in coverage and an every down role. 2. He has a long injury history that wiped out his early college years. 3. Age- He had six years in college losing two completely due to injury so some will wonder his upside. Because of all of that he mostly gets lost in the mix or at best profiles as a situational rusher, but that is good for the Redskins because they don’t need to spend a top pick on an EDGE rusher and can use Price situationally, further bolstering a promising pass rush.


-Rochell is definitely under the radar as most view him as a 6th-7th round guy, but he’s interesting to me. He was a 3 year starter at Notre Dame and a pretty solid player versus the run. He’s a little light currently at 284 for a 5 tech role, but he’s easily got the frame for the extra weight and he already plays with natural power. For a late round pick he could offer some nice value as an early down run defender, who isn’t flashy but is a consistent player. He could balance Johnson well and together they could give you a lot of DL production.


-Langley was a guy who got picked on at the Senior Bowl, but that’s not entirely surprising as he didn’t have early round buzz and he was from a small school. What he did show in Mobile was that he does have intriguing size and speed, and aggressiveness. He’s not going to challenge for any sort of role early in his career on defense, but there is potential there and he can be a valuable special teamer.


-I wasn’t intending to go with a Senior Bowl/Senior theme, but that is how it worked out for me. In some of these scenarios I could see the player going a round or two higher, but that is what the draft is all about. Plenty of guys have a wide range of opinions on them and if a WR like Zay Jones goes 25 picks higher that could mean another WR has slipped some.

From a Scot McCloughan perspective, this draft fits his style as he found a lot of size, upside, and senior players/multi-year starters. There are a lot of guys who can help early on in this class and guys that have the upside to be long term answers here.

What do you think of this draft class? Who do you like from it and how do you see the potential fits?