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Saturday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins need to strongly consider bringing back Desean Jackson |

“I do want to still be here,” Jackson said. “My family and my house, I have everything here and I don’t want to be in a transaction and move. First things first, I do want to be here and hopefully we can make it work. But once again this is a business so things happen. I’m just really excited about the opportunity I have to sit and now the ball’s in my corner a little bit and see what we can do. I’m just excited and I’m going to let my agent care of all that. Ready to just sit back and whatever offers come in but obviously, like I said, I do want to be here.”

DeSean Jackson says he wants to stay with the Redskins but will he take the best offer? | ESPN

The Redskins have yet to discuss a new contract with Jackson or their other free agents. That’s not a surprise; most business gets heavily discussed -- unofficially and through a lot of winks, of course -- during the scouting combine later this month, and about a week before free agency. For both sides, it’s the best way to gauge their possible market.

Yes there is a chance that Cousins will get paid more than Andrew Luck | ESPN

Here’s the thing, as Joel Corry (former agent who now works for CBS Sports) told me this past week: Even if Cousins tops Luck, that doesn’t mean he’ll enter next season as the highest-paid quarterback. Actually, by then he could be fourth. There’s a chance Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr all get new deals. Each one would top Luck, too. Again, this isn’t about who’s better but rather about the position they play, a rising salary cap, timing and leverage.

Redskins offseason questions: Is Spencer Long a long-term answer at center? | CSN

The point is not Long will have a better career the Kelly. For all we know, Kelly may go on to have multiple All-Pro seasons. But while you want to have a good center there isn’t much added value in having a great center. Sure, Alex Mack helped the Falcon’s line gel. But unlike the Redskins Atlanta didn’t have a fourth overall pick (Trent Williams) and a fifth overall pick (Brandon Scherff) to do that.

Redskins offseason questions: Should the defense switch to a 4-3 | CSN

I’ll just pick up where JP left off. It doesn’t matter how they line up in base defense if they don’t have the talent to get it done. Whether the defense is lining up with three linemen in base or in a four-man front if you go 20 drafts and take just one D-lineman in the first three rounds of the draft (Jarvis Jenkins, round 2, 2011) you aren’t going to have much of a defensive front. And if you don’t have much of a front you don’t have much of a defense.

On the Clock Mock draft simulator |