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After the Whistle: You Play to Win the Game!!

There are no meaningless games left on the Redskins schedule. Period.

New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

This week, we had some pretty annoying production glitches and equipment failures that caused us to close down for a few minutes before TOTALLY REDEEM OURSELVES.

Well, I suppose that is how I would characterize it. Other words used include “operator” and “error.” Thankfully, the show link here is free of any of that hassle.

Either way, we persevered. In recent weeks, our show has come a mere two days before a game, which has resulted in little time to cry in our whiskey. Though we don’t have that kind of schedule this week, we did enjoy the benefit of the extended period between the last game and this week’s show.

There are good storylines still happening at Redskins Park and we still remain committed to talking about them every Tuesday. I guess if I had to pick out on to feature here is what I led the show off with, which is the idea that we don’t root for losses.

The recent history of the Washington Redskins includes a lot of losses...too many losses. As long as we spend any time lamenting that number, we can’t honestly invite additional losing by rooting for a higher draft choice. Every win matters over the long term, and these next four games are crucial in the development of our team. Trust me when I say that there are two very different possible offseasons depending on how these next four weeks go. In short, we root for wins, because that is why you play the game (hat tip to Herm Edwards....and a congrats to him as well for getting back into the coaching game).