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Redskins plan to keep Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen

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You're not getting rid of Bruce that easily

Washington Redskins Introduce Jay Gruden Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport loves a good Redskins story, whether it actually turns out the way he reports it or not is anyone's guess. This week's story comes from the year-end coaching carousel article. Jay Gruden is reportedly safe for another season after the team won it's last two games, and looks to finish the season at 8-8 against a comically bad New York Giants team.

This isn't surprising news, and it has been reported that Dan Snyder wants to try this new idea of coaching stability. Gruden got a 2 year contract extension last offseason after GM Scot McCloughan was unceremoniously fired. He will be the first coach in the Dan Snyder era to reach his 5th season, but has a 28-35-1(including his one playoff loss) record going into the last week of his 4th season as Head Coach. Gruden, and his coaching staff, will be on a short leash next year after missing the playoffs the last two years.

A fringe hot-seat candidate, coach Jay Gruden isn't going anywhere. Sources say there is a deep understanding of how injuries torpedoed Washington's promising season, and Gruden still has the support of the front office. Don't expect any major changes on the staff, and if there are changes in the front office, they would be minor. One possibility: Hiring a business-side executive to allow team president Bruce Allen to focus more on football, rather than spread himself thin.

The other little tidbit Rapoport reports is that Bruce Allen is also safe, and if anything changed it could include hiring another executive to handle the business side of the franchise. Everyone can agree that Bruce shouldn't spread himself too thin, but most people would have prefered he was fired retired shifted away from the football operations and someone new assumed the responsibilities of a traditional GM.

Allen won't give up power, he will only find more scapegoats to blame for the team's failures. Dan Snyder continues to indulge George Allen's son as the franchise remains dysfunctional and average at best. Bruce was hired over 8 years ago, and the team's record is 53-77-1 during his reign of error.

It's been speculated that Bruce Allen's remaining years are tied to the new stadium deal that the Redskins are shopping around to Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. The Redskins contract isn't up at FedEx Field until 2027. I think we can all agree that Bruce needs to be out of the front office much sooner than that.