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Bengals Reportedly Interested in Jay Gruden as Head Coach.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The hatred for head coach Jay Gruden has been running rampant in Redskins Nation, ever since the Redskins collapsed in the final minutes of the Saints game this year. Never mind the now 21 players the team has put on injured reserve this season, including two Pro Bowl players in Jordan Reed and Trent Williams. Fans seem to have unreal expectations for this team managed by a Team President/General Manager who has no business making football personnel decisions.

Well, apparently a former employer, and the team who may know Jay best, is interested in his services if he were to be let go from the Redskins.

Ian Rapoport explains in this tweet below:

So, what are we missing here Redskins fans? The team he left to become head coach here for, and the team who probably knows him best, may want him back as their head man, yet he’s no good for us?