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Quietly impressive season from Anthony Lanier bodes well for a better role with Redskins in 2018

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After a strong performance from Anthony Lanier, what are the possibilities for him heading into 2018?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Second-year defensive lineman Anthony Lanier is quietly having an impressive sophomore season with the Washington Redskins. Lanier finished the day against the Arizona Cardinals with three pass defenses, two sacks, two tackles, and a forced fumble. On the year, Lanier has compiled ten tackles, five sacks, four pass defenses, and a forced fumble.

Since being brought onto the active roster, Lanier has been able to show the flashes he displayed throughout preseason. He has not been great but has been impressive enough to consider him a quality rotational player for the starting defensive lineman, which eliminates the need to place him on the practice squad. Even though Lanier is only in his second season, his development has been a moment some have been waiting on since they first saw him step onto the field last season.

The Arizona Cardinals were indeed battered and bruised amongst their offensive line, so an argument can be made that it remains to be seen how far Lanier has come along to this point in his career. However, the last two games for Washington and Lanier will tell the story in how they may view him heading into the offseason. What I can say at the very least about his recent performances, the coaching staff may consider parting ways with a veteran or two, especially if his level of play remains consistent or increases.

Is it too early to make a case for Lanier? What are your thoughts on Lanier and the defensive line overall? Comment and let us know.