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Hogs Haven Redskins Magic Wand Contest

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tis the season for miracles and magic... right? Well, we all can at least dream!

In the spirit of the Holidays, I am handing you a magic wand. With that magic wand, you can make one change to the Redskins, past, present or future.

Please state your wish in the comments section. For example, if your wish is to see the Redskins make a name change, please tell us first why you would like to see that change happen, and then propose a plan for that change.

I will select the top 5 ideas based on “semi-reality”, thoughtfulness/creativity, and also how many REC’s it received from our readers.

Once we have narrowed it down to five, I will do a separate post allowing the readers to vote on which one they like best. That individual will be receiving a prize from yours truly.

May your wishes/dreams come true!