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Redskins Vs. Cowboys - Studs and Duds

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins fumbled away their playoff chances on Thursday night, in a blowout loss to Dallas at Jerry’s World. They were trounced 38-14 by their biggest rival in a pivotal division game, in front of a nationally televised audience. This loss was bad in more than a few ways, but most prominent was the fact that the team’s easiest part of their schedule was upon them, with five seemingly winnable games remaining on the schedule. We are now down to fighting for draft position.

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game.


Ryan Grant: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Ryan Grant is our most consistent wide receiver. He caught the first touchdown of the night late in the second quarter, and had five catches for 76 yards in the game; many of them for key first downs. He did have a drop, but that was not the most accurate pass thrown to him.

Stacy McGee: McGee was our most consistent defensive linemen yet again. Hell, besides a few splash plays by A.J. Francis, he was the ONLY one of the group making plays. He played tough and fast against a good Dallas offensive line. He recorded five tackles, one quarterback hit and multiple pressures.

Tress Way: Way had some boomers on the night. It’s also really sad when your punter is one of three players on the Studs list.

Alfred Morris: Whoops, wrong team!


Kirk Cousins: Two fumbles (one lost) and two interceptions on the night. Now, I fully know a lot of this was not his fault as he was being pressured all evening, but he’s got to do a better job of holding onto the football when the rush is coming. I’m not pinning the interceptions on him, as one should have been a completion inside the five, and the other was tipped, but the fumbles are not good. He also missed some open targets and threw some passes they were just tough catches for his receivers.

Jamison Crowder: Dropped passes and fumbled punt returns have plagued the third-year receiver this season, and last night was no different. It’s very hard to pin any loss on one individual player, but Crowder’s miscues caused two early turnovers that were absolutely huge in this loss. I know Cousins can put some mustard on his passes, but this is the NFL son - CATCH THE DAMN BALL! He also may have fumbled another ball late in the second quarter that we got a break on (I think the ball was moving before his bottom hit the turf). Oh, and he should NEVER return another punt for this team, EVER. I believe I heard a stat last night that he leads the league in fumbles.

Ty Nsekhe: I don’t think a linemen could play worse than Nsekhe did on Thursday night. Who ever is teaching him to set and punch with one arm should be thrown out of the damn league! This man looked completely lost against the Dallas defensive line. He was beaten in about every way possible. It was an absolute embarrassment how a professional football player can be that bad at their job. How he can walk out of film session with any sense of humanity will be beyond me. And to think Jay Gruden said he could probably start for a bunch of teams in the NFL.... HA!

Arie Kouandjio/Tony Bergstrom: I listed these two together, because both played identically, and that play was equally as bad. Go look up the definition of turnstile in the dictionary and a picture of both men will appear. Bergstrom has absolutely NO anchor. He gets pushed back more than Kory Litchtensteiger did. And Kouandjio - now I know why he was cut in the preseason. I get it, both players are third stringers, but they are also professional football players... or at least I thought! If we just had five competent, healthy linemen, both of these clowns would be given their walking papers!

Vernon Davis: After a great start to the season, the veteran tight end has come back down to earth. I don’t know if it was because he has been forced to stay in and help block more often due to our offensive line injuries, or just because he hasn’t been able to get open. Whatever it is, his production has dropped off drastically, and he’s also had a few key drops in our last few games.

Ziggy Hood: Well, here we go again! How long can defensive coaches tolerate Hood’s incompetence! This guy is absolutely manhandled by linemen on 90 percent of his defensive snaps. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defensive tackle get blown so far off the ball with such consistency that I often mistake him for a safety! His play is a complete embarrassment to the team.

Anthony Lanier: I know Lanier is a “developmental player”, but he’s simply not developing, and is a major liability against the run. He has no gap integrity which is severely hurting our defense.

Ryan Anderson: I get he’s a rookie, but the lack of effort when he’s in games is astounding. Even on special teams, it looks like he’s just out there going through the motions. Please do yourselves the favor and go back and watch his lack of effort on the Switzer punt return for a touchdown. I didn’t like the pick when it was made, and now I can truly see why. This guy is just Meh!

Bashaud Breeland: Breeland’s play has been up and down all season, and Thursdsay night was definitely a down night. I absolutely hate Dez Bryant, and I can’t stand when he makes plays in games. It seemed he found his comfort zone playing against Breeland last evening.

Greg Manusky: I know his defense is depleted, but his blitzes are getting un-imaginary, and his rotations are questionable. Oh, and 13 men on the field!

Bill Callahan: Who the hell is teaching Ty Nsekhe to pass set with one arm? Also, whose decision was it to keep Tyler Catalina over Kyle Kalis? Oh well, I guess we’ll just give the Colts another quality developmental player while we watch Kouandjio, Catalina and Bergstrom get mauled.

Jay Gruden: You had a full week to prepare, and this is the best you can come up with? You should be ashamed!

Bruce Allen: Please just fire this clown! He has to have something to do with this lost season, right? What a walking embarrassment he is to this organization. Go into politics - you’ll fit right in!

Dan Snyder: Sell the damn team!!!!!

That’s it... have at it!