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Which Skill Position Would Trent Williams Dominate...the MOST?

As possibly the most beastly athlete on the Redskins, Trent Williams is the obvious choice for an offensive lineman that could play a skill position.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the SB Nation network is featuring a post by each NFL team site outlining which offensive lineman would make a great skill player. Out of respect to Kevin Ricca and Tim Strachan, my co-hosts at The Audible, it is important to lead off by reminding myself that the mere thought of lining up our best player (maybe co-best player with Josh Norman) anywhere but left tackle would be fairly blasphemous. (Although...with Ty Nsekhe on the mend, and a hole at left, not gonna go there Kevin...put down the can of spray cheese and take a deep breath.)

Chalk up this discussion idea to a fun way to spend a cold and rainy Thursday.

To be honest, this one is rather easy. The rest of Washington’s offensive linemen stable seem more to resemble...offensive linemen. It’s not that Trent doesn’t (he is unmistakably molded into a textbook left tackle shape), or that the other linemen aren’t athletic—it’s just that Trent is a rare freak of an athlete.

How many offensive linemen break the 5-second barrier in the 40-yard dash? Trent clocked a 4.88 40, and we have seen him put that speed on display when he pulls in front of Washington runners. He is undeniably strong, and he is hardly a statue when it comes to his ability to move. The dude could beat Stifler in a dance-off.

The question of which skill position he would play is probably answered in a rather straightforward manner: tight end. He has said as much himself, saying back in 2014 that it would be a position he could thrive in after losing roughly 50 pounds (which would still see him rocking a solid 270 pounds or so).

Let’s assume for a second that Trent has hands. He does have a background on the hardwood, and I just can’t imagine Trent being bad at something he was trying to do athletically. In a league that has gone nuts over receiving tight ends, an offense that featured Trent lined up in the tight end spot would be pretty dangerous. You want your tight end to block? No problem. You want to create a size mismatch underneath or in the flat? Done. You know that wham block that Vernon Davis excelled at more last season than this season (the one where he motions into the center of the line of scrimmage and knocks the linebacker in the hole silly)? I pity the linebacker thinking he is about to make a tackle in the center of the play with Trent motioning into that space.

As much fun as it would be to see Kirk Cousins turn and hand the ball off to Trent, or drop a Doctson-like bomb over Trent’s shoulder down the sideline, there is no doubt that Trent Williams the tight end would be a straight playmaker for the Redskins.

Now, can we just pray that he is healthy enough to help us this season at tackle—without hurting his ability to make a difference for us next season and beyond?