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After the Whistle: Tuesday Night Basement Celebration

The Audible is back this week to celebrate the beginning to the second half of the season.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday nights are great in general, but made even greater after a glorious Redskins victory. Joined by Tim and Kevin on Facebook Live last night, I was pretty confident that the jovial atmosphere came through the audio and the video.

Scene stealers from the game included Josh Doctson’s amazing catch, Kirk Cousins’ ability to keep getting off of the mat, and a little one-armed tackle by Josh Norman. In general, these scene stealers were worthy of inclusion in the shock and awe portion, but winning on the road in those that that stadium...against that defense...truly shocking.

Thanks to everyone who joined us live in the basement, and we very much look forward to the run the Redskins are about to embark on...seriously—who have the Vikings beat? (Ok...I’m a little afraid of Drew Brees in two weeks.) Let the good times roll in the second half of the season!

The Spirit of Sonny was flowing...just as it should on a Victory Tuesday!