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Redskins Defeat Seahawks 17-14 Via The U.S. Marines

With a stacked injury report, the Redskins improvise, adapt and overcome.

It sure feels good to win this week. As Ken pointed out earlier, this weekend brings both Veteran’s Day and the 242nd Marine Corps Birthday. This seems like a good week to drop some of my favorite Marine movie gifs for the recap.

So, they’re already asking for our pick predictions against Seattle.

Considering half the first string is at medical

Which someone even blamed on Deuce Gruden?

And I know the Seahawks’ fans will have some sort of advanced theoretical algorithm explaining how we’ve already lost

I’m just trying to convince myself that off the street pickups I would have scoffed at two weeks ago are now actually quality starters

But all the expert nay saying isn’t phasing the locker room.

Because Tomsula was back there like...

He had the defense ready to take the field like...

How many yards did people expect Russell Wilson to hang on us?

But after watching the D force that first 3 and out

Of course, we fumble the ball away on the next drive. With this battered OL I’m ALMOST not livid.

But somebody tell Perine to ask Matt Jones what happens to chronic fumblers.

When Kirk gets blown up in the end zone for the safety, I don’t view it as understandingly.

Seattle gets into the danger zone, but Blair Walsh cuts us a break with his first FG whiff.

Seattle has the ball again, but Kendall Fuller pops up with the surprise grab.

Sadly, we don’t turn the pick into points scored.

Thomas Rawls thinks he can stiff arm his way to the 1st down, but JNo is NOT having it.

It takes a slow-mo replay just to see how that armbar tackle worked.

Oh, and Blair Walsh misses another field goal.

Vernon Davis is still out there balling at TE.

Rob Kelley punches it in from the 1! Redskins TD. Everybody celebrate!

Do you realize those are the first offensive points of this game?

Though the Seahawks do get into field goal range one last time before the half.

WHIFF. Walsh misses another one.

Kirk Cousins threads the needle to Grant for a big gain. Kirk had to show some serious ba...



Nick Rose nails the field goal. He glances over to Blair Walsh.

Will Compton decides to get the Redskins offense the ball back.

With a bad snap and near sack fumble Kirk hands off to Kelley.

Uh oh. Seahawks down to our 10 with 2nd and 4. We have no idea whether to play run or pass.

Touchdown Seattle. I guess their offense finally woke up.

The internet LOVED that 2 point fail, turned 86 yard rugby tryout.

Pete Carroll checking twitter after every time he tries that slant.

Still, its a very narrow lead, late in the 4th, against a mobile QB. We’ve been here before.

Seahawks TD for the lead. I realize this game is one drive away from being another disappointment.

Bomb to Quick. And another to JDoc! Redskins down to the 1!

Look at JDoc, rising to the expectations we had for him.

Kelley drives it in.

Ok defense, Seattle still has 60 seconds left.

THE DEFENSE HOLDS. Redskins take home the win.

Some officials suggest that maybe the Seahawks shouldn’t have been allowed that one final play.

Rams, Cardinals and 49ers fans love us right now.

Redskins fans talking about climbing back to .500 like...

But hey, did you read that we’re now 4-0 during the regular season at Century Link since 2002, and one of only seven teams to book a road win there since 2012?

Right now we’re undefeated against the NFC West and 4-1 against the Western divisions overall.

All that matters is, we’re still within eyesight of the wildcard pack

Now, on to the Vikings.