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Redskins fall to Cowboys 33-19 via The Lone Ranger gifs.

There comes a time when even a good fan is tempted to don a mask.

At 3-3 both teams see this game as a chance to kick their way into the Wild Card conversation.

Some fans on both sides even speculate on the possibility of catching Philly for the division but...

And whichever team loses today might see their road to the postseason complicated

Dallas fans are getting confident looking at our injury report.

Its true, the team is seeing a lot of players without working parts.

But maybe they can find some clever ways to still stay dangerous.

We know the networks scheduled this game expecting

But we also know that sometimes our expectations of the offense go more like

First offensive play of the game, and the Cowboys have already lost a fumble.

Which we could have capitalized on if our own offense didn’t start out looking like

But hey, the new guy can kick well enough.

Dallas answers back far too easily. The defense is treating Elliot like...

Dallas is back on the kickoff. All of Redskins nation is like, “If you muff this return...”

Deep ball to Crowder! We still have some weapons after all.

Rob Kelley touchdown!!! You see this Cowboy? Do you see this?

Followed by two consecutive field goal drives. I think we’re slowly putting some distance on the scoreboard.

Nope! The Cowboys blocked the second one?

And with that, the game momentum just...

Our position looked strong before but now it looks perilous.

Kirk takes a sack fumble he wishes he could have back.

Oh and there’s our weekly fumbled return. I am... displeased.

I’m not even sure what Jay’s plan was today.

While fans of both sides are still watching their injury lists stack up like

If we’re lucky maybe the Dallas running game will taper off this quarter?

No matter. We’re somehow still in this at the end, as long as Kirk doesn’t...

turn it over.

Redskins fans looking at our chances to pull this game out.

Great. Now the pessimistic fans are already mourning the season.

and expressing some hasty ... opinions about Jay’s contract.

Making me look at the post game thread like...

But the HH staff is still divining ways we can secure a Wild Card

As long as the staff can find us fill-ins to get us through Seattle.