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After the Whistle: Dallas Week With a Lot On the Line

The basement podcast studio was full of the Spirit of Sonny last night...Dallas Week, playoff pushes and the development of a sound NFL roster feature prominently in this week’s episode of After the Whistle.

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Every Tuesday coming off of a win is a great Tuesday night in the basement. Add in a little Dallas Week and a chance still to make the postseason, and you have yourself a great reason for Redskins fans to congregate.

From the glorious Thanksgiving we all had—where we saw Dallas lose right before watching Washington win—to the impending opportunity the Redskins have in Dallas tomorrow night, there was ample ground to trample on the mics. Thanks to everyone who gives us a look on Facebook Live. (We try to hit it as close to 9-9:15 each Tuesday night, but some days require extra pre-show cocktails... like after gut-punch losses on the road in overtime.)

Josh Doctson gets dap for a second straight week, the young players continuing to step up continue to get recognized and yes...quarterback sneaks finally get attention. I know everyone has been talking about it, and it looks like a legitimate “thing,” but I was holding out hope there was something going on that would help us all understand... why. I’m out of hope in that department, and certainly out of answers.

The holiday season in revving up, and that means fun nights in the champagne room of basement podcast studios lie ahead. Looking forward to being on the sticks during one of our classic late-season winning streaks. See you next Tuesday! (We have invested in some new equipment that should allow us to bring on some additional folks via cell phone, so get ready for some hot takes from our very own Chris Hess, aka ih8dallas.)