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Redskins Stress-Free Sunday Week 12 Open Thread

Go Bears!

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins(5-6) defeated the New York Giants on Thanksgiving night to get a win, and keep their slim chances at the playoffs alive. They also got help from Cowboys and Lions losses on Thursday. If the Redskins want a shot at their Week 17 game meaning something, they will need to run the board the rest of the season.

The Redskins are currently the 11th seed in the NFC and are behind the 4 division leaders(Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Rams), along with the Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, Lions, Packers, and Cowboys. The Redskins face the Cowboys next Thursday, and will be going against a team that is currently in a death spiral without Ezekiel Elliott.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the only NFC East team to play today when they host the Chicago Bears. Philly has the best record in the NFL and the NFC East title all but locked up. A loss today helps them lose the top spot in the NFC and home field advantage in the playoffs.

Buffalo at Kansas City at 1:00 pm on CBS

Carolina at N.Y. Jets at 1:00 pm on FOX

Chicago at Philadelphia at 1:00 pm on FOX

Cleveland at Cincinnati at 1:00 pm on CBS

Miami at New England at 1:00 pm on CBS

Tampa Bay at Atlanta at 1:00 pm on FOX

Tennessee at Indianapolis at 1:00 pm on FOX

Seattle at San Francisco at 4:05 pm on FOX

Denver at Oakland at 4:25 pm on CBS

Jacksonville at Arizona at 4:25 pm on CBS

New Orleans at L.A. Rams at 4:25 pm on CBS

Green Bay at Pittsburgh at 8:30 pm on NBC

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