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Redskins vs Giants Pressers: Jay Gruden, Ryan Kerrigan, and Kirk Cousins

Jay Gruden talks about the Redskins win over the Giants

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden Presser

Pretty when you win:

Pete Robertson’s special team’s screwup:

“Yes, that was a head-scratcher. I’ve never seen that one done before. Pete [Robertson] I think got a bit anxious and thought the play was dead and just kept running for some reason. We’ll correct that. This was his first game as a Redskin, he was excited. I liked his energy though. He had a great tackle in the first kickoff. We’ll teach him.”

Football F**** moment:

New Players:

Kirk Cousins:

“I thought it was another gutsy performance by Kirk. It’s not easy. Every week it seems like we’re shuffling guys around and I think he played great. He handled the game and handled the command of the huddle. There [were] a couple of sacks there we have to look at that I’d like to avoid, but otherwise I’ve been impressed with Kirk since I got here. I just see him gradually improving week in and week out. The touchdown he had to [Jamison] Crowder was one of his best touchdown passes that I’ve seen since I've been here. He stepped up in the pocket, two hands on the ball—Crowder did a great job moving in off-scheduled plays that we’ve been looking for. He was huge.”

Ryan Kerrigan:

“He’s just a consistent guy. You’re just so impressed with not only what he is as a football player but as a person and how he conducts himself on and off the field. He’s always available, he’s practicing every day, he’s playing hard every day, he consistently has a high motor every week and, you know, he’s just a great captain, great leader – not a captain, but a great role model for these young guys coming up and preparing themselves to be great NFL players – you can’t have enough Ryan Kerrigans on your team.”

Ryan Kerrigan Presser

Kirk Cousins Presser

Samaje Perine:

“Samaje Perine ran the ball really well. He had explosiveness, was really sudden, ran with heavy pads and he has a good forward lean to him. I don’t know what suddenly got going in the second half, but we had a couple of drives where we were able to repeat run plays over and over and get productive yards, productive gains, and it made a big difference in the outcome.”

3rd and 15:

“We had a play call there, there aren’t a lot of play calls for a third-and-15 that get in the end zone, so I read the coverage and looked at what my one route that might’ve been able to score was looking like – I didn’t like it – and I felt some pressure so I just tried to escape up and to the right and kept my eyes downfield and found Jamison Crowder all by himself and he was pretty wide open, made for an easy throw. I think just the longer I play, I’ll get a better feel for how to move and escape. Part of the reason you also make that play is that you take six sacks. I didn’t take six sacks last year. I didn’t take six sacks a game in 2015. If you’re going to make those kind of plays, you’ve got to be willing to take a sack here and there. That’s been a big difference this year, I’ve been taking more sacks here and there and probably not forcing the ball into coverage or throwing those scary throws as often as I have in the past.”

Offensive line:

“I do believe that a couple of those were coverage sacks. I don’t really know that was the offensive line in a couple of them. In a couple of them we may have gotten beat. It’s a mixture of reasons we took them tonight and I’ll go back and look at some and see if there’s anything I can do, but for the most part they have a good pass rush, they spend a lot of money to have a good pass rush and so they’re going to get theirs too, they get paid and they made some good plays tonight as well.”

Josh Doctson:

“We called it a throwback in the sense that he’s not the number one there. We were trying to work Niles [Paul] down the sideline off play-action and hope that we could get the defense to bite on the fake. They didn’t bite. They had a coverage before the snap that didn’t looked like they weren’t going to bite. Josh [Doctson] did a good job trying to sell, you know, run to the right and then he’s supposed to just kind of sell that, sell that, sell that and then whip out of it and be an outlet for me late and he did the rest. He got separation and made a great catch and kept his feet in bounds.”

Jamison Crowder:

“Jamison [Crowder] and I have had a good rapport since he showed up as a rookie. In 2015, he had a ton of production. Last year he had some incredible games. There were times when even with Pierre [Garçon] and DeSean [Jackson] we would walk away from a game saying, ‘Crowder may have been our best receiver today.’ He’s very talented. We’ve just got to get him opportunities. There was a couple of routes where we gave him the freedom to choose how he wanted to run it and we just got to make sure he’s running it the best he can every time because when he does, great things happen.”