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After the Whistle: Feeling Our Own Feelings

This week on The Audible, Redskins fans realize they actually do care about this team again in ways they haven’t for years.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It was a glorious night in the basement this week, providing everything you want from a Tuesday and more. The Spirit of Sonny was flowing and the emotions were running high. We didn’t arrive onto Facebook Live until about 10 PM EST, which is roughly an hour later than usual, but I promise you that we used that hour in expert fashion. Our Director of Good Times, Kevin Ricca, determined the exact amount of Tullamore Dew we each needed prior to going live (SPOILER ALERT: that amount is determined by the size of your glass.)

The anger, bitterness and disgust remained in the air after that ridiculously terrible loss to the New Orleans Saints, and thus required further venting. Despite Tim’s attempts to take the longview, the basement was unfriendly to the idea that this pain needed to be shoved out the door. I, for one, had no interest in dismissing the Saints game so capriciously, as it could very well be the loss that keeps us out of the playoffs. As true football fans, we know that—even while we hold onto the hope that the Redskins can mount one of their signature end-of-season-sinning streaks.

I have not made this week about silver linings and bright sides, but I did manage to put my own bitterness in perspective last night. I reason that if this is the worst I can remember feeling about this Redskins team in a long time, it must be because my feelings about this squad have deepened thanks to people like Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden.

The short week works for us on a number of levels. Despite the soul-crushing nature of the loss to the Saints, we get a nationally televised opportunity to stick it to a divisional rival on Thanksgiving. For that, I am thankful.

To Kevin, Tim, Matt and Bryan, I appreciate you guys and I am thankful that they make sweaty basement podcast studios in our size. The holiday season is upon us, which means we have some fun nights ahead. in two weeks, we will be celebrating our 100th week on the job. Our intention is to set up at a bar downtown—details to follow. We will be sure to add a guest or two, and we intend to also include our good friends at The Hotbox (Kevin & Darren McLinton with yours truly) for a strong night of DC sports talk. If you live in the area, try and stop by (most likely at a downtown Bethesda bar).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!