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After the Whistle: Moving Past Dallas, Gearing Up for Seattle

The Audible discusses—briefly—the fallout from the Dallas game and readies for an incredibly important game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Tuesday night was for trick or treating this week, making Wednesday night the landing spot for the latest installment of “After the Whistle,” the whiskey-soaked Redskins after show from The Audible (h/t 1st Amendment Sports).

We did address the Dallas debacle, but we tried to move on to Seattle as fast as we could. At 3-4, the Redskins are not cooked...not by a long shot. An inspired Redskins win over the Seahawks and a Kansas City victory over Dallas puts Washington right back in the thick of the wild card race.

Yes, the Kirk Cousins contract status was a topic, as we have promised all season. If you have been listening/watching (thanks, Hogs Haven!), you now we have not made every game a referendum on the #8 car.

This is as good a time for a midseason review as any, and the reality for the Redskins is that they need to be already constructing their plan. Should Kirk Cousins be the highest-paid player in the league? If so, should he get that contract from Washington? This story has been three years in the making, so it is most certainly neither click-bait nor gratuitous.

See y’all next Tuesday!