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Saints v. Redskins Staff Picks: Everyone Hang On

New Orleans Saints v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last week was a tough pill to swallow, in fact it seems like the pills have been getting bigger and bigger as the season has gone on. With injuries mounting but hope still lingering, each subsequent loss stings just a bit more and each win feels more and more essential.

This week the Redskins take on the red hot New Orleans Saints, a team that has always had the talent to be top-tier, especially with Drew Brees under center, but since their Super Bowl victory have by and large failed to produce. This, unfortunately for the Redskins, no longer appears to be the case.

For Washington to keep their playoff hopes alive, they will need to reel off a winning streak that, though improbable, is not anywhere near impossible. Thinking back to the 2007 and 2012 seasons, Washington has faced steeper odds but found a way to march to the postseason. I get it: different cast of characters, different script, but the Redskins are still very much alive, and as every single coach in every single early week presser has said, “we need to be 1-0 this week.”

And now our staff predictions for the week:

Bryan H. Stabbe (6-1): 27-20, Saints
We all knew this stretch was going to be brutal, but the Redskins don’t have a monopoly on injury self-pity (go read the comments sections over at our friend sat Field Gulls if you think things are as bad as they can be. The biggest key for the Redskins this week is on the ground, rushing the football and stopping the run. It’s been well documented how poorly constructed the Redskins roster is at finding a tailback who can rush effectively. Now with Rob Kelley out, and all their cards on the table, things will only get more challenging. Conversely, Mark Ingram has finally come into his own this season, and presents a formidable test for a depleted front seven. This should be a close game, but much like the past few weeks I think the scales are tilted in just the wrong way for a Redskins W.

Bill-in-Bangkok (5-2): 37-21, Saints

Tom Garrett (3-4): 34-31, Redskins
I think I've reached the ""giving up trying to figure this team out"" phase of the season.

Here's what I know: These guys compete. Every week. That wasn't always the case in the not-so-distant past. That said, the defensive performance against the Vikings was a little worrisome. Even the usually-amazing Josh Norman had a bad game.

I'm banking on the Redskins rebounding against an offense that looks a lot different than the Vikings'. The Saints, who have suddenly become a running team, roll into this game with seven consecutive victories under their belt. Most impressively, aside from a 52-38 win over the Lions, the Saints have held every opponent to 17 points or fewer.

That won't happen against the Redskins. Whether Washington can muster enough points to beat the Saints is a different question. I'm going with ""yes,"" because it would make perfect Redskins sense (which is to say it won't make sense) for Washington to snap the Saints' winning streak IN New Orleans to get back to .500 on the year.

HTTR4LIFE (1-4): 34-31, Redskins

Anthony R.C. Brown II (0-1): 24-21, Redskins

HogHunter (2-7): 34-27, Saints

Now it’s your turn, how do you feel about the Redskins’ chances against the Saints? Vote in our poll and share your predictions in the comments below.


Who will win in the Redskins’ matchup against the Saints?

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    ‘Skins by the skin of their teeth
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    Saints in a laugher
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  • 17%
    Saints in a nail-biter
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