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Lean On “After the Whistle”...and Carry On

A thrilling road win followed by a soul-crushing home loss leaves Redskins fans needing just a little bit of support.

Minnesota Vikings v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last night in the basement podcast studio of 1st Amendment Sports, we kept calm and we carried on...and we did it together, carefully supporting the fragile psyche of the entire fanbase. I don’t think we were disrespecting the Vikings by expecting a Washington victory—I know I am not disrespecting them today!

This Redskins squad is capable of winning games against just about any team it faces. We know this, as we have seen our team play the BEST teams in the league as tough as you can play someone (and still lose). The schedule opens up a bit—but not until after this Sunday, when the Redskins find themselves on the road against yet another upper-end team in the league.

There was plenty to gripe about in terms of the look and feel of the Vikings game. FedEx Field—as usual—was a welcome environment for opposing fans, and the Redskins—as usual—made things hard on themselves with minor miscues that will almost always cost you when you play good-to-great teams.

Kevin and Tim helped talk me down from a rant on the home field fan experience, but only after I made clear that it was NOT about this past Sunday. This has been a thing for a LONG time.

As for the immediate future of this Redskins team, I note that the typical way this plays out is that the Redskins dig their hole just a little bit deeper before mounting a run into contention over the last five or six weeks of the season. We’ll see if that starts this week, and if the Redskins can do in New Orleans what they did in Seattle!