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The 5 O'Clock Club: Early reactions to the Vikings game

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

Minnesota Vikings v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The 5 o’clock club aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.

The defense gave up 5 touchdowns in the Vikings’ first 6 possessions. That isn’t the defense that I had seen from the Redskins in the first 8 games.

I’ve had a theory for a long time now, that seemed to be evident in Sunday afternoon’s game.

Jay Gruden is an inherently conservative guy, and he’s got a 10-point mental block.

When the Redskins get a lead of 10-points or more, Jay gets conservative and tries to nurse, or protect, the lead rather than trying to put his foot on the gas and bury the opponents. Conversely, when the ‘Skins get down by 10 or more, Jay panics a bit, and starts to gamble and change his play calling. I think it’s Jay’s greatest flaw as a coach.

On Sunday, he started making panicked decisions when the Vikings opened up a 15-point lead.

There’s no single play that I can point to in this game and say that it cost the Redskins the game, though Kirk’s interception certainly was a huge momentum swing, and the ‘turf monster’ that got Doctson when he was wide open in the end zone hurt.

Crowder played in tough situations all day, but, boy, I’d’ve liked to have seen him hold onto more passes.

It looked to me like the better team won on Sunday. I don’t know if the Redskins (especially on defense) aren’t as good as I thought they were; if the Vikings offense (and especially Case Keenum) is better than I thought it was, or a bit of both.

Two teams this season have changed my opinion of them — the Eagles and the Vikings.


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