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Report: Browns tried to trade for Terrelle Pryor, Redskins said no deal


Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s time in Washington has been disappointing, but apparently the Cleveland Browns still have a thing for him. According to Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns attempted to trade for Pryor before the this year’s trade deadline. The report says that the Redskins weren’t interested in trading Pryor. No details of the Browns potential offer to Washington were provided in Cabot’s report.

The Browns would have only had to pay Pryor $1.5 million for the final 8 games of their season. The Redskins signed Pryor for $6 million with $2 million in incentives that won’t be earned this season. That would be a great deal for a player the Browns know and were willing to pay $8 million/year for 4 years just a few months ago.

The Redskins got Pryor hoping that he could replace some of the production the team lost when DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon were allowed to leave in free agency. With Josh Doctson returning from his lost rookie season, Jamison Crowder entering his third year in the league, and Jordan Reed giving defenses headaches, Pryor was going to be part of a potent passing attack, One that would help the Redskins get back to the playoffs after failing to make it in Week 17 last season.

That hasn’t happened, and Pryor only has 20 receptions for 240 yards and 1 TD in his first 8 games with the Redskins. Pryor has seen his snaps decrease, and he is not getting the love from his QB or his coach. Pryor’s inexperience as a WR has been shown in a timing offense that needs everyone to be in rhythm for it to work. Injuries to Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed have given Kirk Cousins less familiar targets, and Pryor hasn’t been able to stand out as a reliable target.

Why wouldn’t the Redskins trade Pryor if they got an offer for him? Their WRs have been dealing with injuries and Pryor’s healthy. He is cheap for the remainder of the season, and could be productive...could be. The offer could have been not worth their time, the Browns have been stingy with draft picks lately.

Why would the Redskins trade Pryor if they got an offer for him? He hasn’t produced, and doesn’t seem to be in sync with Kirk Cousins and Washington’s offense. Any draft picks could be a plus going into next year. The Redskins had two WRs on the practice squad to take his spot(Maurice Harris reportedly signing to the main roster today, and 6th round draft pick Robert Davis).

One small twist on this story. In a little reported tweet from Jason La Canfora on the day of the NFL trade deadline, he reported the Redskins were calling around about WRs. Did another deal fall through, so the Redskins kept Pryor?