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Are the Redskins looking to make a trade deadline deal?

As the NFL trade deadline approaches, is there a deal the Redskins should make to strengthen their playoff chances?

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

This week, each of the NFL team sites in the SB Nation network are pondering potential trade deadline deals for their respective franchises. This year’s NFL trading deadline is October 31, so there is just under a week left to make a move if you are inclined.

A popular conversation on group texts around DC is moving Terrelle Pryor for Martavis Bryant. The disgruntled Pittsburgh wide receiver has worked himself down to scout team status with his bad attitude. I ask you this: we can’t possibly hate Pryor that much, can we? I mean, he has struggled to establish himself in Jay Gruden’s offense, but he does still have upside, and is still on a one-year deal. It will remain in his best interest to be a good citizen for the rest of the year no matter how things go. If you bring in Bryant, in addition to rewarding a bad attitude with a ticket out of town, the Redskins would be adding a player who has demonstrated he will pout if he doesn’t get the ball. No matter how good Martavis thinks he is, if he were to walk through the doors at Redskins Park, he would be our #4 wideout. Finally, I believe he is under contract next season, though we all have to know he wants that year ripped up and a new deal given to him. I don’t see Bryant coming to Washington and making the locker room a better place, and the one thing this team seems to have going for it is a strong locker room.

Instead, I will opt for another, albeit less popular and less discussed, possibility (stop me if you’ve already heard of this one). The Redskins are missing not just Jonathan Allen on the defensive line, but also Phil Taylor, who has been largely forgotten because of the stellar play of Matt Ioannidis. To me, if there was a way to bolster this group at the trade deadline, I would be interested. Down in Tampa Bay, I am told there is an unhappy defensive lineman by the name of Chris Baker. He recently echoed the displeasure of his teammate T.J. Ward over a lack of playing time. His contract, while technically a three-year deal, is easily maneuvered out of after this season with ZERO cap hit. Perhaps Baker could swaggily re-enter the Washington locker room and contribute some beefy minutes at the front of our defense.

I don’t think the Redskins would have to give much more than a conditional draft pick, somewhere in the middle to late rounds. Further, I am not interested in spending much more than that at the deadline.

Odds of getting a deal done at the deadline are always long in the NFL, as deals are not nearly as common as in the other pro leagues. What deal would you like to see get done—assuming you HAD to make one?

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