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Redskins Fall to Eagles 24-34 via Psych Gifs

Some say these stats may not be telling the truth. Some say we’re flawed, they just don’t have any proof.

Critical Matchup Time! Based on recent strong performances, some of us are allowing ourselves a ... small taste... of the burgundy kool aide.

While others can’t let go of their superstition about some MNF curse

First drive, the Redskins waltz up the field with relative ease.

But of course, they stall in the red zone and have to settle for a FG.

Our reaction to every one of the Eagles 200 penalties on their first drive.

Wentz decides to test the secondary deep.

Ha! Picked off.

Both sides exchange punts, and my only request is Crowder doesn’t fumble the punt. Oh good, he doesn’t.

Oh wait, after two steps, yes, he does.

Toss to Vernon Davis who still has some sweet moves.

A few plays later, touchdown Redskins!

Hold on now Redskins fans. You might be thinking things look pretty good right now.

You might want to hold onto some skepticism.

This is still a Monday night division matchup. The Redskins DO NOT win Monday night division matchups.

Eagles score a TD.

...and another.

..and another!

The defense is getting hits on Wentz, but they don’t seem very effective.

A few plays looked like sure would be sacks, but...

Speaking of ineffective, didn’t Pryor drop 50% of his targets this game?

I’m sure the coaching staff has some presser statement about how we shouldn’t jump to criticism.

But yeah, I think we know how we feel.

The announcers keep bringing up “The Body Bag Game”.

Hey. Have we tried Reed in the end zone yet?

REDSKINS TOUCHDOWN! This game is still well within reach.

Eagles touchdown. NOT quite so within reach.

Keep the faith fans. Kirk could still save the day for us.

Or... throw a critical interception.

Yup, and here come Eagles fans in the game thread.

Maybe the new kicker can pull off an onsides kick?

Which you saw because you kept watching through to the end of the game didn’t you? Did you?

Well, Redskins lost. Does that hurt our chances to win the division?

On to the post game reaction thread.

Where some fans want to see the positives, but others are still on edge.

Soon the media will suggest we might get to watch an Eagles SB run.