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The 5 O'Clock Club: Disliking Philadelphia with Bill

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

The 5 o’clock club aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.

26 December 2015 Redskins 38 Eagles 24

14 December 2016 Redskins 27 Eagles 22

23 October 2017

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins are confident of victory on Monday Night Football. Don’t worry, we got this!!

The Redskins will be facing the Eagles again tonight in Philly, where the hometown fans aren’t liked by... well... anybody, really. They don’t even like each other very much.

The Eagles fans have a long tradition of being hard to like for many reasons; there’s nothing new about the residents of the City of Brotherly Love being... well... unlikable.

Heck, even the guys who run Jeopardy! have an opinion about Eagles fans.

Let me share with you this article, published in 2009, in which a Bleacher Report writer tried to defend the indefensible — to wit — the horror show that is a group of Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Chicago Cubs fans are lovable losers.

We are obnoxious blowhards.

Buffalo Bills fans are fiery and passionate.

We are ignorant and emotional.

Washington Redskins fans are knowledgeable.

We are stupid and undeserving.

Why is the Philadelphia fan so widely hated?

Is it because we hate ourselves? Because we threw snowballs at Santa? Because we booed Donovan McNabb and cheered Michael Irvin’s career ending injury?


It is because we have the audacity to demand excellence.

We don’t boo indiscriminately. Take the Santa incident. First of all, it happened in 1968. Most people act as if it happened last Thursday. It is 41-years-old. Get over it. The guy who played Santa has.

The fans were angry at the team, not Santa. They vented their frustration with an awful football team at Santa. The team was ending a terrible season, and has a band start playing “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

A happy song? At the end of a 2-12 season? In Philly?

I wasn’t alive, but I would have been booing the team that day as well. What should we do at the end of a 2-12 season?

“Great effort, guys, we’ll get em next year?”

It is not that kind of party. You want that kind of soft acceptance of a season full of sacks of awful? Try Detroit. We don’t want it here.

We booed McNabb? He seems to think so. He even seems to carry a grudge 10 years later about it. But why were they booing?

For months, the fans wanted the Eagles to draft Texas running back Ricky Williams. Even Ed Rendell, the current Governor of Pennsylvania, asked the team to draft Williams.

The local sports station, WIP (which stands for We’re Idiots, People) sent 30 morons up to New York with explicit instructions to boo any pick but Williams.

Thus, because a handful of buffoons boo the team’s pick, not McNabb per se, the entire fan base booed McNabb?

No. I will not accept that. Dissatisfaction with the team’s decision, cannot be extended to an entire city personally attacking a single player. To do so is absurd.

How about booing Irvin? I got nothing.

That was inexcusable and embarrassing. And, of course, we are the only ones to do that, right?

I mean, no Yankees fans were happy about A-Roid’s injury, right?

And no Browns fans cheered when Derrick Anderson got hurt, right? Or when Steelers safety Ryan Clark was seriously injured?

And, of course, NOBODY cheered when Tom Brady went down last year.

That kind of thing only happens in Philly.

NFL Network’s Deion Sanders called us stupid and said he hated us. NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes said we don’t deserve McNabb.

On behalf of the entire city, let me say this.


We are passionate. We are knowledgeable. We are frustrated with coming close and not getting the ring. We know the team is too. That is why we continue to show up and cheer when they make great plays.

And boo when they don’t. This will not change.

Let’s face it; not liking Philadelphia fans is the right thing to do. They’re so irritating that you get upset with them just for trying to say that they’re no more horrible than any other fan base.

A guy on Bleeding Green Nation said this week that I had the most annoying writing style he’d ever seen. He made my day — after all, any day that I can annoy an Eagles fan is a good one.


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Disliking Philadelphia is a tradition that dates back to the days of my grandfather and great-grandfather.

Below is a clipping of a cartoon that appeared in Life magazine in 1908 [LPCB]:

In 1946 a variant of the quip using the word “fortnight” instead of “week” appeared in the periodical “The Art Digest” [ADFP]:

Almost everyone has heard of the churlish wag who insisted that he spent a fortnight in Philadelphia one Sunday and who described the city as “a cemetery with lights.”

And of course, W.C. Fields, who was born in Philly, and is buried there, never really loved his home city:

“First prize was a week in Philadelphia. Second prize was two weeks.”

— W. C. Fields

Only when given the choice between death and living in Philly, does his hometown come out the winner. W.C. Fields’ epitaph:


W. C. Fields



Hmmmmm... I wouldn’t.

So, Redskins fans, embrace the dislike and let it flow through you.

After tonight’s game, we’ll really have something to celebrate.