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After the Whistle: Kirk Cousins and Chris Thompson Creating Must-See Television

The Audible brings us another episode of “After the Whistle,” the official Redskins after show of Hogs Haven.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the basement last night on Facebook Live. If you are in the know, you are aware that happens every Tuesday night around...9ish. On “After the Whistle,” the boys from The Audible cover the greatest television drama there is: Redskins football.

We made great strides last night with getting improved sound through to the viewing crowd. We will continue to upgrade that experience as we move forward, with Bryan Stabbe looking to earn his “Master Cameraman” Junior Campers badge.

The usual scene stealers, shock-and-awe moments and stat-grabbers were in force on this week’s show. You know what I loved the most? We have spent so much time in the past arguing about whether or not there is such a thing as a “good loss” (there’s not), or if Moral Victories count (they don’t). Debating about the degree to which a win is or isn’t “ugly” was pretty damn refreshing.

Kirk Cousins and Chris Thompson are the powerhouse characters on this show, but we did shine a light on a few guys who are contributing mightily without the fanfare that inevitably surrounds a franchise quarterback and a guy who leads the team in BOTH rushing and receiving yards. I went with Brandon Scherff, who is destroying it on the interior of Washington’s offensive line. Quinton Dunbar, Matt Ioannidis and Kendall Fuller also should expect to be nominated for their outstanding performances in a supporting role.

It was a good time had by all in the basement last night, and we always appreciate the listens/views. (And no, we don’t have it set so we can read every comment that comes through—’s 2017 y’all, reading Facebook comments in real-time is a known detriment to sanity and happiness. That is why Bryan Stabbe reads them all and hits us with suggested topics and questions. Someone should probably check in on him...)