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Redskins Escape 49ers 26-24 VIA Con Air/The Rock

Lockdown efforts on the ground and in the sky. Nic Cage made you a movie for each.

Second play of the game, Chris Thompson fumbles, but TWill saves us from disaster.

Then, the rest of the drive goes flawlessly. Not saying the offense looked ...


But they look pretty darn hard to stop.

Kirk Cousins to JDoc! Touchdown Redskins!

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking so free and open for Brian Hoyer.

Skins defense wants to declare the tone of this game early for everyone.

Wait, the Redskins are punting now too. Both offenses are starting to look... less than potent.

Woo! Fumble return for a TD!!!

(My GF thinks my bar floor celebration level is excessive.)

The dude next to me thinks the refs are taking it back.

Fine. No quick turnover. Guess the D will just have to force a 3 and out.

Kirk rewards the defense with another TD drive.

But then, Kirk tries to toss the Niners a charity pick.

The refs take it back, but we’re still pretty annoyed.

Until Kirk immediately coughs it up AGAIN. Now we’re just confused.

Did Kirk have some deal with them we don’t know about?

You remember saying your loyalty is here with us right, Kirk?

Luckily, Beathard doesn’t do much with... wait, C.J. Beathard? What happened to Hoyer?

Rookie’s up. Redskins D is planning to intimidate the new kid.

Except new kid is dangerous, and now he’s threatening our warm fuzzy feeling about a win.

They keep showing Bobby Beathard’s Redskins Ring of Fame plaque, while his grandson is tearing us a new one.

Vernon Davis charged with a ridiculous non-fumble, and the refs try to explain how they’re upholding it.

Wow this is getting tight. Kirk, we need you to get us some breathing room.

Time to reintroduce the 49ers to an old friend of theirs. Vernon Davis is older, but still very dangerous.

Crap, they have an old friend of OURs. He’s mean, and still wearing that scary mouth guard.

Redskins fans remembering how clutch Garcon can be.

Oh god. Niners are within a FG of winning this. Who’s nervous?

“What? Weren’t we totally controlling this earlier?”

Someone tell me this is going to be alright?

Defense, this is down to you now.

PICKED OFF! Defense struts off the field like heroes.

That victory feeling hits Redskins Nation like:

Oh? Pierre was upset about those late penalty calls? Everyone show him your sympathy face.

Hey KShan, we’d LOVE to stay and chat with you about the outlook for your remaining season...

But we’re packing up for this trip to Philly.