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After the Whistle: Even On the Bye, Good Week for Redskins

The Audible is back this week with After the Whistle, the official Redskins after show of Hogs Haven.

Washington Redskins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

So technically, there was no new episode in this 85th season of the longest running of all our favorite shows.*

*(It occurred to me that I have referred to this show as having been on TV for 85 years, while that is not necessarily the case. According to my sources, the first game broadcast on network television was between the Philadelphia Eagles and Brooklyn Dodgers in 1939—which is not quite 85 years ago. The Redskins and Rams were the first teams to have their full slate of home-and-away games televised in 1950, just under 70 years ago. I suppose instead of changing the manner in which we intro the concept, we’ll just agree that what I mean here is that Redskins football is our favorite drama, and that each game is, in fact, another episode in that drama regardless (irregardless even) of whether it is documented on television.)

After the Whistle goes into the bye week that was, and looks forward to the clash with Kyle Shanahan and his San Francisco 49ers. Most importantly, we ask the question about whether or not the Redskins are a team that “should” consider themselves a playoff team. Also, are the Eagles elite? Which defense will be showing up for Washington without Josh Norman?

As always, thanks for listening, and if you joined us on Facebook Live, a special thanks from the basement to you and yours! We broke in a new cameraman last night—thanks P.J. for putting in a tour of duty in the basement! (Kevin and Tim have long dreamt of being filmed by you in a basement setting.)

As always, we are learning how to provide the same audio we get for our podcast (with Kevin’s homemade playlists) to run through FB Live. The phone mic is not as good as the board, obviously. I think we have it fixed, and I look forward next week to trying it out.