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Should the Redskins Consider Moving Kirk Cousins?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With all the rumors swirling around the potential hire of Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco, and the ties Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan has to that organization, it wouldn't be too far out of the realm of possibilities to see Cousins in a 49ers uniform in 2017.

Sure it would make sense for Kyle Shanahan to want "his guy" there running his offense, and by all accounts, Kirk Cousins was "his guy" during his time in DC. It's pretty clear the future quarterback of the 49ers is not on the current roster, and even though the team holds the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the quarterback class is very weak this year, and there really isn't a candidate worthy of that pick.

So if the pickings are slim, and Shanahan believes he can take this team to the next level with Cousins at the helm, it might be in the best interest of both parties to work a deal.

This should draw the ire of many Redskins fans, as Cousins has played very well over the last two seasons, and has clearly distinguished himself as a franchise quarterback. He's broken franchise records, led the team to back-to-back winning seasons, and drawn praise from his coaches and teammates for his leadership. The hurdle however, is how much are the Redskins going to pay him, and does McCloughan believe he's the answer, or does he think he can find a better alternative for the long-haul.

There are a few ways a switch of teams can play out:

1)The Redskins could slap the non-exclusive franchise tag on Cousins, meaning another team could sign him to an offer sheet, and if the Redskins didn't match that offer, they would receive two first round picks from that team. In this case, they would receive the number two overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and San Francisco's first round selection next year.

2)Another option is to tag Cousins, then trade him to the 49ers on a deal the two teams negotiate. This could be a risky move for San Francisco, as they would then need to work out a long-term deal for him to remain with the team past 2017 - but that all would likely be worked out behind the scenes before a trade was consummated.

Now, here is the interesting part for the Redskins:

- Let's just say for arguments sake that whatever deal is "struck", the Redskins will be receiving a first this year and a first next year. Maybe both teams work a little behind the scenes and agree to a swap of first rounders in 2017, and the 49ers first round pick in 2018. As you can see, it's really the extra 2018 pick I covet here, and let me tell you why...

Sam Darnold!  Yes, USC Quarterback Sam Darnold, the 6'4" 225 pound redshirt freshmen who took over for the Trojans early in the season, and led them on a tear. Yes, the same redshirt Freshmen who played absolutely out of his freaking mind in the Rose Bowl, throwing for 453 yards and 5 touchdowns against a good Penn State defense in a come-from-behind victory. The Cool-Hand Luke of college football....The kid with the fire hose for an arm, a unicorn-blessed rainbow for touch, the pocket presence of Aaron Rodgers and the un-flappability of Tom Brady.

Sam Darnold is the guy I covet even if we still have Kirk Cousins in 2018. Sam Darnold is the guy who we could come within reach with two first round picks in 2018. Sam Darnold is the next star quarterback in the NFL. Trading Kirk Cousins for picks; and at least a first rounder in 2018, could set the Redskins up for....wait for it...wait for it...

Darnold to DC 18"!

So, should the Redskins move Kirk Cousins, suck it up for one year with Colt McCoy, with the hopes of landing Darnold, or another signal caller, in the future?