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The Morning After: Redskins Tweets To Begin The Offseason

Sigh. The offseason came too early.

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was awful, I got to the airport way too early in Chicago to come home. Because of my dietary choices eating in a place like Midway is pretty much not an option. I sat and watched the whole game in the terminal while waiting for my flight very hungry. I then became hangry.

Over the next few days we all will air out our frustrations and give our two cents on what went wrong and how this team needs to improve to get over our big game and primetime humps.

It’s not quite time yet for profiles but for all who are interested I am gathering information to try and provide you guys with as much quality info on a range of players in the next few months.

My short and sweet two cents? Sign Kirk for four years. Build the defense. Draft his replacement in that time frame. Get rid of Barry.

This morning I thought I would provide a few tweets of interest to unofficially kick off the Redskins offseason.