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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

The offseason is underway in a major way in Washington, as coaching vacancies increase for the Redskins.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

***There were some issues yesterday with the platform, and this did not get published on time yesterday—but it was filed on time!

  1. There’s only one Sixpack. All imitations are considered the highest forms of flattery. This one is abbreviated for reasons that will be be made apparent in the next sentence.
  2. I caught the games this weekend from the friendly confines of the Tropicana in Atlantic City. To all those who mancationed this past weekend, I salute you. As much as I wished my team was playing, the distraction of the poker table helped to make the football just the right amount of enjoyable. I did not take a picture of it, but there was a man playing blackjack right by where we were all watching the Green Bay/Dallas game wearing a Redskins RG3 jersey. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. I am pretty sure Ewoldt would not have chosen the same path.
  3. The last team to beat the Green Bay Packers was the Washington Redskins. Just sayin’.
  4. I made a bet on the total amount of field goals that would be kicked yesterday. I know, a random bet I guess. Maybe it just seems like a random bet to people who weren't betting on every single thing over the last 48 hours. I went with nine total field goals, and nobody went above me. You can imagine my joy when the first game gave me an unexpected five, but once the Chris Boswell Show featuring Cairo Santos was over, I was feeling rather saucy. I suppose my Redskins-related thought to that would be that I wonder who our kicker will be next season. Do people think Dustin Hopkins is coming back? Is it as simple as just having a competition or are we obliged in any way to definitively move on? I am torn on that one, though I can say that I have not wasted any sleep on it. Thankfully, the Redskins have a few more pressing issues to consider...but when a kicker wins a playoff game, it can make a man ponder his kicker situation.
  5. Question I was most asked by people at the bar once they found out I/we were Redskins fans: Do the Redskins want to resign Kirk Cousins? It kills me that this is a question. I think the answer is yes and I think they will, but if random casino bar dwellers are questioning the team’s attraction to Kirk, it is no wonder that Kirk himself is wondering the same thing.
  6. This calls for the second annual State of the Town segment from The Audible. It will definitely have a little Wiz/Nats/Caps flavor, but the overriding theme will be the Redskins and what they have done to and for our sports town as we head into a nw calendar year. If anyone has any comments or topics that need to be touched on in a State of the Town address, I am all ears. What are we missing? What are we nailing? What does the fanbase wish for most/least? Thanks in advance for your contributions.