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The 5 O’Clock Club: Redskins Coach Speak

The Washington Redskins were already in the market for a defensive coordinator, but now find themselves in need of a new offensive coordinator as well.

Washington Redskins 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Good morning...and happy Friday.

When we woke up yesterday, we only needed a defensive how the world changes. I figured I would start a general coaching discussion on this post.

For my part, I pretty much assumed Sean McVay was going to get a shot to be the youngest head coach on NFL history. His past dictated it to some degree. As a young member of the coaching staff for the UFL’s Florida Tuskers, he was on the ground floor of Jon Gruden’s FFCA (Fired Football Coaches Association). My understanding of how those early sessions went is that it was like getting a doctorate in football coaching. His work ethic is pretty intense and he has no wife and kids currently to run home to, so I felt rather confident he was going to be a very attractive prospect for someone out there.

The truth is that Jay Gruden is our offensive coordinator, and with Bill Callahan on the staff, our offense remains in good hands. What are you guys thinking about the defensive coordinator job right now? Is it Gus Bradley versus Mike Pettine?

How do these coaching shifts change the Redskins as a possible destination for free agents? To what extent does this change the calculus on the Kirk Cousins decision? Can we pile any more on top of this heap of mystery?

I would suggest we all take a deep breath. I don’t think anything has happened yet to derail our greater plan, and I don’t think there is any reason to believe the organization is on the verge of taking a step backward. That’s just one man’s opinion, of course.