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5OCC & That Not-So-Fresh Wade Phillips Feeling

The Audible brings us Offseason On the Brink, a weekly half hour dedicated to freaking out and talking through all Redskins offseason storylines.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Have you ever had that...not-so-fresh Wade Phillips feeling? I warn against the lack of freshness when considering who to hire for the open defensive coordinator position.

The Kirk Cousins saga continues off the field—and in my basement—but we decided not to retread old battlegrounds and instead discussed what a trade for Kirk could or would actually look like. Though I wouldn’t do it, seeing the Redskins be on the right side of a Herschel Walker-esque deal would be a fun ride. (It hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly for the Rams.)

At the end of the day, do you think that Kirk Cousins wants to be here? That is a major gripe with a vocal part of this fanbase. For the kind of money that could be involved, these fans demand that Kirk say the words they need to hear. I argue on the show that I believe if the team goes all in on Kirk, he’s all in on us. If your boss was only willing to commit to you one year at a time, wouldn’t your commitment level back be at least loosely correlated? The long term deal solves all commitment problems, and kudos to Bill-in-Bangkok for his discussion of contract structure possibilities.

The sting is still there, but it is too easy to see the good in the big picture for this franchise. On Offseason On the Brink, we hope to attack all topics with this in mind.