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What’s Your Winning Redskins Routine?

Lucky shirt? Morning jog? Special coffee mug? What helps the Redskins win when you watch?

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So it all comes down to this. A win against the Giants will put the Redskins into the playoffs for the second straight year, for the first time since I was in third grade...I now have a Kindergartner of my own.

My wife believes I have mental problems. I can’t watch the Redskins in certain bars. I have to wear a specific shirt and/or hoodie combo depending on whether or not it’s a home or away game.

I can’t discuss scores or predictions. It’s bad juju.

I have a special coffee mug that I use on Sunday mornings. It jump starts my day as well as my colon, and allows me to have my nervous BMs before kickoff.

This year I have better luck when I avoid church, but my wife and I are teaching children’s church tomorrow, so I have to really double up on the rest of my good luck charms. Perhaps I’ll wear my long sleeve Redskins t-shirt under my dress shirt. I could wear my hoodie to church, but that’s a pretty aggressive move.

My ultimate good luck charm is a dive bar in Durham, where there is an all-time winning Redskins record when I’m in attendance. My dad and I went there last year for the week 16 clincher against the Eagles.

So with the biggest game of the season approaching, what are your routines? Do they work? Do you believe your superstitions even have an effect on the game?