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The Redskins 2016 Draft Class Has Been Lackluster

Through 3 weeks most can agree that more is expected out of this group

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I fully believe in Scot McCloughan.
I don’t think every draft pick needs to be a hit to make a successful class.
I believe in drafting the best players not just those that fill roster voids.
I think this years draft class needs to step up.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. 2nd round pick Su’a Cravens has shown very encouraging promise through 3 week of the season. He’s the new breed of S/LB and has made several plays for the Redskins already, including a game clinching interception against Eli Manning last week. I wrote a few times in the comments section over the past few months on how I think Cravens will be a star in this league especially of we get a defensive scheme / coordinator that knows when and where to best use him.

Josh Doctson has recorded a couple catches but has largely been injured. I don’t think he’s the next Malcolm Kelly or anything close. He is extremely talented athletically and the Redskins do have a lot of receiving options ahead of him. While Doctson needs to be available to contribute I expect the coaching staff to better utilize his immense physical talent in a more creative way than a few fade routes.

Kendall Fuller needs to be on the field. I believe he is better than Deshaun Phillips and arguably Quinton Dunbar and it is a travesty that he has been inactive for the first three weeks. That is all on the coaches. I don’t care where you put him, the slot, dime CB. Just get him on the field and I think this secondary will improve.

It drew lots of criticism when McCloughan traded out of the 4th round entirely and didn’t draft a defensive lineman until the 5th round in Matt Ioannidis. I still would have loved Willie Henry, but its in the past! Ioannidis has been the player I am most disappointed in. This has nothing to do with the young man’s personality or character but it seems as if he has lost something so far in the NFL. Did I expect him to win a starting DL spot? Absolutely not. But I did expect him to become a frequent part of this DL rotation almost immediately due to the question marks we had there.

He started the season the the practice squad at the strength, vision, and instincts that made him so good at Temple seemingly dissipated. The book is no where near closed on him of course as he is now part of the 53 man roster due to injuries across the DL. The player must execute but there were times Ioan Man looked completely lost. I expect better coaching on this front at a position we desperately need help at.

Nate Sudfeld has met my expectations. I wasn’t much of a fan of his at Indiana but from his showing in the preseason it looks like he is making steady development. I doubt he becomes a bonafide starter in this league but he is the type of young player that coached like to try and develop into a solid backup.

In some respects I view this year’s pair of 7th round picks the most frustrating development to come out of this class. Most 7th rounders don’t make the final roster but it is such a shame that we lost BOTH of them due to injury.

Steven Daniels was the embodiment of a thumper and likely could have contributed on special teams.

I didn’t by into the Keith Marshall hype (he was a 7th rounder for a reason) but I was hoping I would be proved wrong. The kid never got it going in the running game and was outshone by Matt Jones, Chris Thompson, Robert Kelley, AND Mack Brown. Its a shame because we never really got to see the size speed combination at work.

Out of 7 draft picks 2 were lost to injury. Of the 6 remaining only 5 started the season on the active roster. Of those 5 of only 1 has been active all three weeks of the season (Su’a Cravens).

Not every draft pick will work out, even from a great talent evaluate like Scott McCloughan, but you have to see the guys play in live game action first. This is meant to start discussion but it is also a plea to the coaches to find a way to get these dudes on the field.