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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 3

What stood out around the NFL after Week 3

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Houston vs. New England

Emperor Palpatine, err I mean Bill Belichick may not be the most personable head coach in the NFL but he is a sure Hall of Famer and the best in the NFL. Modifying your game plan from your HOF QB to your 2nd rounder then modifying it again to your 3rd rounder this year to maximize each of their respective strengths is simply amazing. LeGarrette Blount can be a workhorse whenever the Patriots need him to be.

Houston pooped the bed. They should be embarrassed to get blanked in a contest against a rookie QB that barely had any practice reps before this week.

Washington vs. New York (Giants)

Honestly, I almost tuned out of this one after the botched “punt return” in the first quarter. I’m glad I didn’t. The skins have a hell of a long way to go to prove they are a consistently good team but it was to see Cousins get back in form, Gruden / McVay run the ball in the 4th quarter and Su’a Cravens is making the national highlight reel this week! The season ain't dead yet, you guys are spared from an update college prospects post. . .for now. I’m keeping it positive after a W!

P.S. Practice kicking net: 1 OBJ: 0

Arizona vs. Buffalo

Guess who’s back. . .back again. . .Shady’s back. . .tell a friend! I can’t believe Buffalo’s domination in this game. Shady ran all over one of the best defenses in the league. I thought the talk of this being a trap game for the Cardinals was total BS. Well, Arizona didn’t play well at all. I don't expect that kind of performance to fly thought I would have to be in the post-game locker room with Bruce Arians.

Denver vs. Cincinnati

Not sure if it's the “system” or the “talent” but Trevor Siemian is for real in Denver. The Bengals haven't been able to put it all together this season yet. I definitely don't want to sound like a complete homer coming off a win but if the Redskins stick to the gains they made today . . . I’m saying there’s a chance.

Miami vs. Cleveland

Two pretty bad teams clashed. Factory of Sadness 4Ever. Ryan Tannehill is a decent QB its too bad the Dolphins can’t fill out their roster to meet their vision of success. Cody Kessler was actually fine in his NFL debut he’s just on a really bad team.

Baltimore vs. Jacksonville

I swear I have no emotional attachment to the Jaguars. I just think they are an interesting young team on the rise. But when a saw another Blake Bortles pick this one to end a close game against the Ravens. I started to put a couple things together. I swear 3 of Bortles 4 INT’s this season have come off tipped balls meant for mostly Marquise Lee. This one against the Ravens was meant for the RB and just got popped up in the air. I’m not sure how you avoid fluke stuff like that but the Jags need to figure that out fast. The Ravens are looking pretty mediocre with all that said. They are lucky they have the best kicker in football in Justin Tucker.

Carolina vs. Minnesota

That defense is for real. They smothered Cam Newton. Sam Bradford doesn’t have to do much. Ironically this could be the best year of his career when its all said and done. The Vikings are just one of the most complete teams in the NFL. If their offense can’t get it done, the defense can take over AND and score, if the defense can’t get it done the special teams can make a play. They usually have all 3 phases working together.

Tennessee vs. Oakland

I’m not sure what to make of Mariota. He’s a mixed bag. I get he doesn't have a ton of help at WR and Delanie Walker was out today but his decision making and consistency in running and passing the ball has been up and down. What's worse is that he doesn't really have a defense to support him either. I’d like to see him take over a game eventually. The Titans are going to need better play in all facets if they are going to avoid picking n the top 5 again. Oakland is a more stable and well-oiled machine they are running the ball really well right now and their defense isn’t terrible either.

Detroit vs. Green Bay

Well, there aren't any problems with the Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, or the Packers offense in general. They came out shooting and Detroit who paid Darius Slay a good chunk of change to cover players like Jordy Nelson were embarrassed. I guess they salvaged some of the embarrassment by padding the box score in garbage time.

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

Crap. Carson Wentz looks really good. The Eagles offensive line isn’t as trash as I expected and their defense was able to contain the same Steelers team that embarrassed us on the Monday Night opener. The Eagles may provide a tougher match up than I expected. I hope we game plan for that.

New York (Jets) vs. Kansas City

Holy turnovers Batman! After I get done praising Ryan Fitzpatrick the last two weeks he goes and pulls one of the worst performances of his career out of his hat. 2 were unfortunate pop ups but a pick is a pick. Oh well the Jets success still largely hinges on him. The Chiefs defense is always super scary when they can perform the way they did. 5 turnovers and 2 scores coming from defense and special teams isn't sustainable but if they keep making big plays like that they might actually get out of the first round of the playoffs.

Chicago vs. Dallas

Yep Dak Prescott looks good. Zeke looks fine. But I’m still not impressed. The Bears are such a bad team right now . Brian Hoyer doesn’t make them better. I wish the rematch with Dallas was next week. I want revenge.

San Diego vs. Indianapolis

The Chargers blow another one. This time, it was on Philip Rivers (and I guess you can saw Hunter Henry fumbled the game away too). I don't think much of the Colts defense and the Colts defense doesn't think much of the Chargers offensive line. They got after Rivers and got him at crucial times. Andrew Luck is definitely carrying the Colts on his back but I wonder if he’s going to last the whole season.

Seattle vs. San Francisco

The 49ers looked like complete trash. Seattle looked a lot like their old selves. The run game got going with Christine Michael breaking off a nice long TD run. The rushing offense was lacking in the past few weeks. Russell Wilson was connecting with Baldwin and Graham all over the field. The defense created turnovers. Then Wilson went down and it didn't look good. Boykin came in and filled in nicely but there is no comparing him and Wilson. The Seahawks future is a little murky.

Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles

This was actually a really fun game to watch if you like Defense and turnovers. The Rams scored their first touchdown of the season! Winston also made some really good throws (and one lucky one) that were impressive. He definitely had a bone-headed play to end the game. Despite the win, Case Keenum doesn’t look like much more than a backup to me. Over or Under? Jared Goff starts week 8?

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

Drew Brees is still good but the New Orleans football team isn't. The defense is horrendous. Atlanta got back to being the dominant force they were last year in terms of the rush and Matt Ryan shredded NO’s secondary. The Saints are a team in need of a complete overhaul.

Redskins Overreaction GIF

Su’a Cravens vs. opposing offenses by the end of the season