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Real life or Madden Fantasy? Giants vs Skins week 3

Hogs Haven runs its weekly Madden Redskins simulation...will the real game play out this way?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This week I tried something different for the Madden simulation. The first big difference is that I broadcasted the "game" on my Twitch channel. I peaked at 11 viewers so perhaps advertising the time will be more important in the future. Hopefully, this could be a place to chat about the upcoming Skins game in the Twitch chat. Let me know in the comments a time and day that works best for you.

The second big difference is the inclusion of video highlights. Unfortunately, I can't embed them in the post directly just yet. For now, there are links to the clips, including two touchdown passes in the redzone that weren't a fade routes!

Game summary and highlights

Jordan Reed had two touchdowns from within the redzone. Furthermore, both of them came on non fade routes! The first came at the end of a drive that included nice completions to Chris Thompson and Jamison Crowder. Reed's first touchdown grab was an exclamation point to end the first half. His second touchdown put the Redskins up 17-16.

The Redskins defence stepped up in this game and shut down Big Blue's star studded receiving corps. One play that stuck out was a huge sack to push the Giants out of field goal range. They weren't perfect, and they allowed some conversions that led to virtual Jay Gruden screaming, but they limited the Giants to one touchdown and four field goals.

Trailing by 2 in the final minutes of the game, the Redskins needed to mount a comeback. Late in the drive, Cousins threw it across his body to Matt Jones. In real life it probably would've gotten picked or gone awry somehow. Cousins was scrambling right and tossed it over the middle to the left. It worked here though. Soon after, Cousins hit Niles Paul for a strike over the middle of the field to setup a game winning field goal. The only problem, there was a false start penalty with 7 seconds left. I think that results in a 10 second runoff in real life. Madden must not have that programmed in. Hopkins kicked in a chip shot to win the game.

Surprisingly realistic bits

Kirk Cousins blatantly overthrew a wide open Jordan Reed.

The Giants converted a 4th&14 to put them in range for the game winning field goal. The Giants did score on that drive but the Skins mounted their own comeback.

Unrealistic bits

Swaggy Chris Baker didn't do a dance after sacking Eli Manning! EA really missed an opportunity here.

Tress Way punted a ball 85 yards in the air. I love Tres... but 85 yards in the air?


Madden must know that I like the Redskins. This is third simulation they've won but in real life they're winless. While I want the Skins to win, I don't see it happening. Honestly, I don't think it will be close. I predict week three to be more like the Steelers game than the Cowboys game. Expect a hard week leading up to a (hopeful) easier game in Cleveland.

Maybe this is decades of being a Skins fan making me predict failure but I think the phrase "the wheels have fallen off the cart" may be used next week.