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Redskins @ Giants: Five Questions with Big Blue View

We check-in with the enemy to get the low-down on the New York Giants.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Just like we do every week before our beloved Redskins take the field, we get some intel on what the enemy is thinking. This week that means speaking with our old friends over at Big Blue View. Here’s what Editor-in-Chief Ed Valentine had to say about the upcoming game between Washington and New York.

The Giants rushing offense has looked pretty poor through the season's first two weeks. What's the issue there? Is this a match-up where Washington's run defense can get on track?

The Giants actually ran the ball really well Week 1 against Dallas (24/113), including churning out some tough yards late in the game. With Eli Manning and the wepons they have on the outside (Beckham/Shepard/Cruz) they won't be a run-first team. That said, I look at this more as a game where the Giants should have some success running the ball. The Giants may not be a great running team, but I think they are better than people give them credit for.

How have the first two Giant games confirmed what you thought coming into the season? How have they surprised you?

Well, we knew the Giants looked better on paper than they had the past couple of years. We knew that, after all the money and raft picks they spent on defense, that they should be better on that side of the ball. I've been surprised by how much better. What they did Sunday against Drew Brees was phenomenal. The corners and safeties have been outstanding, and probablyhaven't gotten enough credit so far.

What's the one, main thing that has to happen in the game Sunday for the Giants to win? Put another way, if the Giants win, what's everyone going to say the main reason was?

Well, first and foremost I think Odell Beckham needs to maintain his poise so that the game is actually ABOUT THE GAME, rather than being about him and Josh Norman. I think the Giants have to score some points, which they really struggled to do against New Orleans. Defensively, if the Giants keep doing what they've been doing they should be fine.

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Give us one player on offense and one on defense who have to play especially well Sunday for the Giants to beat the 'Skins. Who will be the games "X-factors"?

On offense, I'm going to say Beckham. I watched the Giants-Panthers game last year and it is my belief that if Beckham can stay focused, not let Norman get into his head and just play, that he can have a good day. Bluntly, in my opinion, Norman cannot consistently stay with Beckham. He has to distract him and get him to lose focus. On defense, I can't give you a single guy. What I would think would help the Giants would be for Jason Pierre-Paul and Oliviernon, neither of whom has a sack yet, to have good games.

Who wins the game and why? Give us a score prediction.

Giants win. I can't see the Giants sputtering on offense again like they did last week. On defense, I think the Giants are deep and talented in the secondary, which is a matchup Washington needs to win. I don't believe they will. Giants 30, Redskins 17.