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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 2

What stood out around the NFL after Week 2

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

New York (Jets) vs. Buffalo

Ryan Fitzpatrick loves Eric Decker. Matt Forte is still deadly at the goal line and looks like he’s got plenty of juice left. My hot take is that we can legit start saying Darrelle Revis has lost a step. Last week he was burned by A.J. Green this week he was burned by Marquise Goodwin on a long TD.
Who knows if the Bills defense would be better with rookies Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland but it's obvious the Bills were trying to improve their defense and their injuries certainly aren't helping the team. A shame because the offense is actually decent.

Dallas vs. Washington

The Redskins front seven is highly questionable. Another week of incompetent play. The defensive line is old and not nearly strong enough or conditioned enough to last a full season. The linebackers aren't doing their jobs either by and large. They are too easily moved from their gaps and simply can’t get to the football in an effective manner. It's a shame there is obvious talent here along with obvious deficiencies. The defensive ideology, coaching, and scheme, as well as players execution, should be questioned.

Aside from all that the running game got back on track – kinda. Jones scored for the first time this season. Kirk Cousins did connect on a few nice throws but missed several deep balls and overall was off target and quite honestly looked confused at times. He got back on track throwing an absolute dime to Jamison Crowder in the end zone in the 2nd half. This is the Kirk Cousins we want to see. With so many weapons at WR, Cousins obviously holds the ability to score largely in his hands. With this team geared towards scoring points and not being prolific offensively, especially against Dallas’ defense, is a point of worry. It’s simply not good enough. He has not been good enough so far. P.S. Run the God Damn ball in the red zone, would you?

Miami vs. New England

Miami is a dumpster fire. Tannehill and the offense as a whole have regressed severely. don’t be fooled by the stats the offensive production was garbage time production. All that money they paid to Suh looks wasted. The defensive line has gotten no pass rush the first two weeks of the season. Jimmy G looked great again throwing 3 early TDs in the process making Danny Amendola look like his former 2010 St. Louis Rams self. Martellus Bennett has to love Gronk being out.

Cleveland vs. Baltimore

I was a staunch RG3 supporter when he was here, so I feel a little bad saying this. When Josh McCown can come in and effectively operate the offense that you struggled to operate last week and hold a lead over a team like the Ravens, it’s not the scheme , it’s not the blocking, it’s not the defense, it’s kinda you dude. The Browns are in a better place offensively.

That being said the Ravens are the better team in every facet so it's fitting that the secondary that gave up touchdowns early seals the game for them late against McCown. Joe Flacco likes Mike Wallace.

Kansas City vs. Houston

Houston took that blank in last year’s wildcard loss personally. J.J. Watt is arguably the best defensive player in football and the Houston defense as a whole is just stonewalling the Chiefs. Osweiler looks decent too. Deandre Hopkins is a star and Will Fuller nearly dropped a bomb that should be a clean catch 10/10 times. Alex Smith is largely solid but the Chiefs lost this game with turnovers. When they got a couple of their own from their outstanding corner Marcus Peters they couldn't capitalize.

Tennessee vs. Detroit

Matt Stafford is literally carrying the Detroit Lions on his back and he doesn't look bad at all doing it. The Detroit defense is not good though they let the Titans come back and win the game. The Titans hope is with Mariota developing. They will need him to complete beauty pinpoint passes to win games as he did in this matchup.

Indianapolis vs. Denver

As Andrew Luck continues to try and drag this lackluster team towards wins it becomes clearer to everyone (except the Colts) that the Colts issues won’t be fixed by one guy. Their defense was not enough to contain the Broncos and they let another game slip away in the 2nd half.

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

Big Ben and the Steelers are a tough-ass football team. We knew that though. He continues to make magic with old weapon Antonio Brown and new weapons in Jesse James and Sammie Coates. The Bengals didn't produce enough offense or defense to contain him. That zone stuff is working for Pittsburgh A.J. Green was contained all game. The Bengals are far from being soft themselves. I’m legitimately concerned about the week 5 matchup in London.

San Francisco vs. Carolina

Carolina continues to play solid football. Cam Newton is pretty good if you haven't noticed the offense is running very well. Granted they were playing the 49ers but they look a little improved as well. Kelvin Benjamin is just scary. He is definitely the leading candidate for comeback player of the year I’m really not looking forward to matching anyone up with him later in the year.

Jacksonville vs. San Diego

I don’t know what the hell Phillip Rivers is taking but he needs to give Kirk Cousins some. This guy and the San Diego offense bounced back in a big way from an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs last week despite losing another weapon in Danny Woodhead. Even more impressive is Rivers was able to do it with no names at WR (no offense). Also the San Diego defense showed up. Whouda thunk? They embarrassed Blake Bortles and co. picking him off twice. I consider one of the better passing offenses in the league. I don't know if the Chargers can be consistent but if Rivers keeps playing like he did Sunday it wouldn't be such a bad year for San Diego fans after all.

Seattle vs. Los Angeles

The Hawks really miss Marshawn Lynch. Should not have messed with the beast. This is not the same team at all offensively when everyone knows you’re gonna pass. I can’t believe the Rams out kicked the Seahawks. Ugly. They (Hawks) might be in trouble down the stretch.

New Orleans vs. New York (Giants)

I’m honestly surprised. The Giants defense is clearly improved but I didn't think they would be able to contain a QB like Drew Brees for most of the game. Victor Cruz is back. Kendall Fuller better be active otherwise, Beckham Cruz and Sheppard are going to be a problem next week.

Tampa Bay vs. Arizona

Jameis Winston didn’t look nearly as sharp as he did in his week 1 debut. There were a lot of turnovers committed from the 2nd year QB. Carson Palmer is an MVP candidate right now. Larry Fitzgerald is trolling everyone with talks of retirement even though he’s still one of the best WR’s in the league. The Cardinals offense is one to envy.

Atlanta vs. Oakland

This feels like a game the Raiders should have won. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper really look great . Matt Ryan and Julio Jones looked better. The Raiders need more consistency from their front 7.

Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Crap. Sam Bradford looks good. Real good. Stephon Diggs is a rising star. The Vikings defense is relentless. I didn’t think the trade was a good idea for them but it might be. Rodgers is still magical but he singlehandedly cost the Packers the game with his turnovers.

Chicago vs. Philadelphia

After good Jay Cutler showed up bad Jay Cutler made a couple appearances. The Eagles once again look good against a bad team but I’m not fooled. You know the defense is bad when Ryan Matthews looks like his Fresno State self.

Redskins Overreaction GIF

Jay Gruden on if he knows whats wrong with the team