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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

For Redskins fans,some Mondays are for celebrating. Some are for mourning. Some are just for silent, angry reflection.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. I have many words to say and write, and I will get to them, but sometimes Sixpacks are not the place for the venting necessary after a day like yesterday. This is one of those Sixpacks. Today, I'll just get the ball rolling on some thoughts. I hate going to Negativetown, but I hate being disingenuous even more. Keep your heads up and stay together guys. Being disappointed in this team is fair and expected, but let's not take it out on each other.

2. I love Kirk Cousins and I think he has a future, but I put yesterday's loss on our quarterback. He missed Jamison Crowder for an early touchdown. The deep ball that he overthrew DeSean Jackson on was also troubling, but the red zone pick he threw was unacceptable. Cousins looked erratic and at times, confused. Worst of all, he was inconsistent. His completion percentage (approximately 60%) doesn't tell the whole story, because some of his misses were simply unforgivable. He needs to play better for us to be able to win games. From my seat in the stands yesterday, I watched his Redskins teammates express their displeasure with his play. That is not a good thing folks.

3. As I was leaving FedEx Field yesterday, I was reminded about how I felt leaving FedEx so many times before--and then Ewoldt reminded me again. We USED to have one of the worst home records in the league. Last season, we were 6-2 at home, and if you went to every game, you know how good that felt. We have now lost our FIRST TWO HOME GAMES of the 2016 campaign. It feels terrible...because it is terrible.

4. Watching Alfred Morris swing and hit an invisible home run out of our end zone wearing a star on his helmet made me extremely upset. I have no interest in rehashing the whole debate about resigning him or not, because it no longer matters. I can speak to the guttural pain I endured watching him scamper into the end zone--UNTOUCHED--to give Dallas the go-ahead score. I didn't expect it to hurt as badly as it did. I am confident that is exactly the kind of pain the Cowboys and perhaps even Alfred himself wanted to inflict on us. Mission Accomplished.

5. The penalties...jeeeez. Is Steve Spurrier still coaching this team? Snap count miscues, personnel confusion and a general lack of discipline in week two of the regular season do not make for a strong outlook. You might as well call us 0-4, because in addition to losing to Pittsburgh and Dallas, we have also been beaten by the Redskins twice.

6. As my friend Bob said, "It sucks when you could be out of contention before the World Series." That said, if you think for one second that the season is over, hold that thought. Remember that the NFC East is on the line this coming week in New York. Maybe this team needs to get out of town and focus on football for a week to get the ship righted. Our schedule still allows us to hit the middle of the season with a puncher's chance. If we are playing well, we will have a shot to beat some of the top teams on our slate later this fall. If we continue to play the way we did yesterday, there will be no escaping the reality of being on the clock for the NFL Draft in extremely short order.