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Redskins vs. Cowboys - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mark Tyler breaks down the good, bad and ugly from Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins suffered an absolutely horrible loss at home to the depleted Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon, and although there are 14 games remaining in the season, things are not looking very good at all for Cousins and company. If you can't beat a team who is starting a forth round rookie quarterback, a rookie running back with a fumbling problems, and a defense who is missing many key pieces, you are certainly in for a long season...and I feel the Redskins are heading down that path.

Anyways, on to the Good, Bad and Ugly...

The Good:

Josh Norman:  Norman played a great game no matter who he was lined up across from. He was all over Dez Bryant, often disrupting passes thrown his way, and he showed strong against the run, making a number of key tackles, and forcing a fumble by Elliott. So far this young season, he's been worth the money we are paying him.

Jamison Crowder:  Crowder is becoming a reliable security blanket for Cousins. He showed he's not just a underneath guy on his touchdown catch in the back of the endzone on a perfectly thrown ball from Cousins.

Su'a Cravens:  Cravens was playing some snaps in our Nickle defense, but he really began to shine when Will Compton went out with a mild injury. Cravens came in and absolutely lit people up. His speed and instincts are off the charts. He should be starting.

Matt Jones:  Jones was running hard today. He had some lanes, and took advantage of them. He stopped trying to go laterally, and was focused on making one cut, and getting up-field. Much better effort by him.

The Bad:

Bashaud Breeland:  The horrible start to Breeland's 2016 season continues. He was called early for a pass interference in the endzone that gave the Cowboys a first and goal, and was otherwise abused whenever he was asked to cover Dez Bryant one-on-one.

Will Compton:  We all know what Compton is - a smart, hard-working inside linebacker. What he's not is a good athlete, with speed and exceptional instincts at linebacker, and those deficits showed up today in both run and pass defense.

Kory Lichtensteiger:  Kory was called AGAIN for a false start penalty(double-clutching the snap), this one at the end of the game, resulting in a setback, AND a 10 second runoff. This shouldn't be happening from a veteran center.

Preston Smith:  Smith was a non-factor against the Cowboys, and was called for two offsides penalties.

The Ugly:

Kirk Cousins:  I said this last week, and I'll say it again - THANKFULLY WE DIDN'T SIGN KIRK TO A LONG-TERM DEAL THIS OFFSEASON! He continues to miss wide open receiver down the field, and is showing his propensity for costly turnovers. Maybe last season really was a fluke!

David Bruton:  This guy just needs to be replaced in the starting lineup. He does absolutely NOTHING! His pass coverage is horrible, and his run defense is even worse. The misses tackle on the Beasley catch in the middle of the field was just one of his gaffs today. This experiment needs to end...and quickly!

Mason Foster:  Foster played horrible today. He was slow in reacting, and was getting sealed by linemen all afternoon. He flashes every now and then, but simply follows it up with three bad plays. He was also whistled for a costly personal foul penalty on a low hit to Prescott. Too many times he's caught sitting flat-footed waiting for the running back to come to him. Unacceptable play today.

Just some thoughts...

- We may be the worst team in the history of the NFL throwing the fade!

- Cravens needs to replace Foster immediately.

- We are a very undisciplined football team. The penalities are unacceptable.

- We ran quite a bit of 4-man fronts today, and looked pretty good doing so.

- The offensive line looked like they were on the same page today. Decent protection, and opened up some good running lanes...albeit against a very weak Cowboy's front four.