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Should the Redskins Consider a Trade for Anthony Davis?

Could 49ers Guard Anthony Davis be a Trade Target for the Redskins?

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that the Redskins offensive has struggled to run the football. This goes back to week three of the 2015 NFL season. Some have put the blame squarely on the running backs, while others have pointed the finger at the offensive line; mainly center and left guard. Whoever is to blame, the issue needs to be addressed if the Redskins hope to find success in 2016.

In San Francisco, former starting tackle Anthony Davis is going through some struggles of his own. In 2015 he left the 49ers to "let his brain and body heal". He returned this season to the squad that drafted him, only to have the coaches ask him to make the move from tackle to guard, a position he hasn't played since his freshmen season at Rutgers. During the preseason, Davis was the team's starting right guard, but a missed practice this past Saturday, and some media banter, left him inactive against the Rams Monday night, leading to rumors that he was again contimplating retirement. Davis denied those rumors quickly, but it's clear there are problems in the Bay Area.

The 6'5" 323 pound Davis, who is just 26 years old, was a first round pick of the 49ers in 2010(11th overall). Known for his power, Davis excels at run blocking, and fits seamlessly into a power running scheme. His move to guard, one many NFL experts felt would benefit him, was a success according to head coach Chip Kelly, who praised the linemen for being a consummate professional and team player after being asked to make the change.

The Redskins have had some issues at left guard. Incumbent Shawn Lauvao has been inconsistent, partly due to injury, and his back-up, former starter Spencer Long, may be destined to take over at center. Davis played on the left side in college, and a move to left guard should be a pretty easy transition. Furthermore, the offensive scheme Davis has run up until this year, is very similar to the one the Redskins currently run.

General Manager Scot McCloughan has ties to the 49ers orginazation from his time there in the past. Could the savvy GM engineer a trade for a player who could immediately help the Redskins at a position of need? It's pretty clear Davis has fallen out of grace with head coach Chip Kelly and his staff, and we all know Kelly is not afraid to trade players who he feels are not meshing with his "master plan".

The Redskins currently hold 9 draft picks in 2017. They have an extra 4th and 6th from trades made in the 2016 draft. There is also the possibility of packaging a player and pick for Davis. The 49ers need wide receivers, and the Redskins could offer a player like Ryan Grant or the speedy Rashad Ross and a pick for the beefy linemen.

Is this a move the Redskins should consider?